18 December 2011

December Range report

I haven't been to the range in at least a month and it's been even longer for the SCSon.  Last year he shot with the club's junior division, but this year he has a conflict with trombone lessons. 

Today was not the best of days to hit the range.  It was cold and raining.  Cold enough to show one's breath and the bitter cold wind penetrated my jacket.  That's probably an NBD for readers in the more northern climes, but it's kind of a rarity here in  the Sonoran desert.  I really wished for more head cover than a baseball cap.  But it meant for lots of space on the range.  We grabbed a pair of adjacent benches so we could shoot rifles on one and pistols on the other.  That would allow us to head home in a single hot range session.

Still it was a good day at the range.  The SCSon wanted to shoot the M1 Carbine.  I also packed along an AR-15.  He was excited to learn I'd also packed along a 9MM. I also brought the .44 Mag.  It still kicks like a mule but the best shots were when the SCSon loaded just 2 shots and handed it over to me.  Not knowing if each trigger pull would bring a bang or a click helped with the flinch problem.  Should do that more often.  Even if it left burnt powder residue on my left thumb.

The hill behind the range was obscured by a cloud and a light rain fell as we left the range.  It was a good day.  And the hot chocolate back at the SandCastle warmed us up nicely.

29 November 2011

Good Shot!

Local news reports a woman shot an intruder in her back yard when he pointed his gun at her.  I'd like to believe it went something like this:

But since one got away I'm guessing not.  Police recoveredthe bad guy's weapon at the scene.

Still good job there! The good people are alive and unhurt, and there is one less bad guy in the world.

24 November 2011

My Worst Nightmare

This is pretty much my worst nightmare as a pilot - a crash that takes out the entire family. 

Short version: A plane has crashed in the mountains on the east side of the Phoenix metro area.  Reports are it carried 6 people, including three children.  According to news reports it flew in to pick up the children to take them to a Thanksgiving celebration with dad.

There are far too little facts known at this point to understand what happened to cause the crash.  Local news offers plenty of speculation, I don't feel the need to contribute to the noise.

As the title states, this is my worst nightmare.  Instead of hiding under the covers, we do everything to stack the deck in our favor.  Though I am signed off to fly at night, we plan our trip for daylight hours.  The engine doesn't know it's dark out, but the consequences of an engine failure are much higher at night.  Also terrain is harder to see at night.  Also while I am certified to fly in the clouds and maintain legal IFR currency, we plan our flight for good weather.  "Legal currency" != Proficiency.

Flying for ourselves allows us the flexibility to say "I don't need to fly today.  Weather's bad?  We'll go tomorrow.  Weather's fixin' to turn south, gotta go today!"

Godspeed to the deceased and surviving family members.  You have just realized my worst nightmare.  I cannot fathom your pain of losing the loved ones and now forever associating Thanksgiving with losing your family.

Update:  The family has a site up for the wee ones.  Wish there was more I could do.

17 November 2011

Aw Cr@p....

This post may be a bit on the depressing side, but there is a lesson we've learned the hard way.  Feel free to skip to the last three paragraphs.

Long time readers may recall we lost the SCDad's wife a couple years ago. See here and here.

Though the end was on the horizon for quite some time, no funeral plans had been made.  I can understand that, no one wants to go down that path.  Unfortunately Dad had to work through the funeral details after the fact and in less-than-optimal circumstances.

Anyway, the mortuary has a program where they contact survivors of loved ones a couple years down the road to set up their own final arrangements so the descendants don't have to and there is nothing to fight over.  This is smart from a business standpoint, as they get the $$ for dad's funeral arrangements today in return for a burger tomorrow, but also benefits us because he made the choices us offspring units would otherwise have to make. 

Hey great, glad he made the choices we'd have to make when he expires.  I suppose there is a risk that the mortuary could go Tango Uniform but they have been around as long as I can remember. I wish I had as much faith in the federal treasury.

Visiting over the weekend, SCDad mentioned there was one choice he opted not to make - Who would get the Flag draping his coffin.  You see dad went into the USArmy and did > 20 yrs in the reserves achieving the rank of Lt. Col.  I hope my siblings and I can agree on an appropriate sharing arrangement when the time comes.

Now here comes the hard lesson... I mentioned the above "Y'all have to decide how to share the flag" to the family as we drove home from the airport.  The SandCastle Son piped up and asked.... "  So where is great-grandpa's flag?"  (My SCGrandpa was in the Signal Corps in WWI).

OH CRAP!  I know my grandmother had it... she used to fly it from her flagpole when family was in town.  What happened to it when she moved on?  It probably was just a folded up flag, not in a presentation box.  So whoever came across it probably didn't recognize it for what it was.  It's almost surely gone forever.   Sorry grandpa...  [weep].  

There is the lesson... If something is intended as a family heirloom, make sure everyone knows that it is, and mark it as an heirloom with the meaning of the item.

Update:  The SCQueen thinks Dad has it and she knows where it is.  Best news in a long time!

14 November 2011

Coming Home...

Called out of town on an emergency basis. 
(Thursday 2PM) Customer:  "We really need you on site tomorrow".
(Thursday 5PM) leave DayJob(tm).
(Thursday 9PM) on the redeye
(Friday 12:30AM) get to hotel
(Friday 9:30 AM) arrive at the customer's lab
(Friday 7:30PM) head to stay with dad for the weekend.
But there are still a couple niggling issues and he wants to turn the project over Monday AM.  So we work all day Sunday and get it done.  I think Friday will be a comp day.

Now I am coming home.

(note to self... if this isn't on the MP3 player, it needs to be).
More on the stupidity that is Security Theater later.

05 November 2011


The NRA will turn 140 on November 17 and with it comes a special opportunity for Amateur radio operators.  Quoting from the YARC page:
The NRA's 140th anniversary is coming soon and with it comes a special opportunity for the many NRA amateur radio operators. 
The Yavapai Amateur  Radio Club (YARC) of Prescott, AZ, will operate a special event  station November 17, 2011, in celebration of the NRA’s 140th birthday.

The special event will operate from the Gunsite Academy’s 2,000-acre campus in Paulden, AZ, north of Prescott.  The special event call sign will be K7NRA. It will conduct operations on the following frequencies from 0800 MST to 1700 MST (1500 to 2400 UTC): 7.250, 14.050,14.250 and 21.335 MHz (+/-).

Mark the date on your calendar, tune up your antennae and heat up the finals! I just upgraded my priviledges and acquired a new radio that I'm itching to use.  The radio only puts out 5W but Paulden is just a hundred miles and one mountain range as the wave flies.
Unfortunately for me that weekdaily inconvenience known as the DayJob(tm) expects my presence exactly those hours.  But maybe I can work something around the edges.

27 October 2011


True Blue Sam: "All Cats Are Always Loaded"

If you've ever taken in a cat with any "feral" in it, you'll see the truth in that statement.   I LOL'd,,,

26 October 2011

Top Shot Season 3 finale!

I was busy last night so it was on tape waiting.

THE BEST OF THE THREE!  Season 1 set the bar.  Season 2 finale looked really scripted.  Top gun definitely earned the season 3 title.

The episode fits the well established formula for the finale.  First there is a three heat dueling tree, then call shot and the finale consisting of many challenges throughout the season.  It's a good formula and it works.  Even better with two representatives from each of the original blue ("winner") team and red ("loser") team.

Ok they mixed it up a bit on the dueling tree by making them move.   The movement was slow enough that they might as well have been stationary.  I don't think it was a factor.  Still in each heat, one shooter clearly established an early lead and then merely had to follow behind and flip plates as their competitor flips a plate.  Justin avoided elimination in a decisive 12-0 victory. 

The call shot challenge was again the best ever, made so with the shots called by the competitors.  Dustin established an early lead hitting a golf ball at 100 yards with a Volquartsen 10-22 prone.  You could see it was comfortable for Dustin (deep breath, exhale, hold it, squeeze, break the shot, follow through) and he nailed it.  Nicely done and the competitors couldn't match the call.  That's what this event is all about.

Mike's calls played well to his pistol strengths.  S&W .357 weak hand unsupported was a good call.  Does Mike have a weak hand?  And the AK-47 call strong hand only hand, unsupported was genius.  Great job Gary connecting when the chips were down.  But then he missed his own call and put himself out.

Before we get to the finale, one thing I was happy to see in the final rounds was the level of mutual respect between the competitors.  No braggadocio, no disrespect, just proud to be here and wish my opponent the best of luck.  This is more like the attitudes I've seen in competitive events.  Even the fiercest of competitors wish good luck to their opponents and shake hands when it's over.  Glad to see Jake go, clearly his strategy was pure Machiavelli.  Didn't surprise me when he walked instead of facing the challenge.  Character matters and he has none.  I wonder what lessons he passes along to his football team in search of a win.

It's interesting to see the one "loser" resurrected earn a spot in the finale.  No heartburn for me...  Jake walked off the set and Mike came back and earned his way back in winning sequential challenges, decisively so on the zip line and dueling tree.

Dustin's flawless finish suggests he would have won even if Mike didn't get stuck on the shotgun station.  Mike's weapon is the pistol.  If he didn't get stuck on the shotgun, it would have been the recurve bow.  Dustin's weapons are all of them.  The best shot won season 3.

In Season 3 was the best yet.  It was great to see the gatling guns and cannons come up in the elimination rounds.  I see those and wonder how will they top this next season?  How long before we see competitors trying a ground attack mission from nose of an A-10 Warthog, or some ACM (airborne dogfighting)?

Still it wasn't without disappointments.  I was sad to see the two wimmen competitors sent home first.   Are the challenges set up to put females at a disadvantage?  I don't see it but a good blog-friend suggests there may be a bias and would prefer to see gender specific events.  Guns are a great equalizer which allow a frail 80 YO defend her/himself from an 18YO thug so I would like to think M's & F's compete on an equal playing field.   But is that so?  There is more to the competition than just the shooting.  Is there a bias? I don't see it but that is far from the last word.

As Justin said, these events are things I would pay to do.  I concur and that should be a hint to entrepreneurs out there.  Over dinner a couple years ago the SCQueen blurted out "we should open a range"... In the discussion that followed, I suggested one of the things it should have is an old fashioned shooting gallery.  You know, stuff to make shooting fun!  Shall not be questioned recently posted about a new indoor range at a former big box retailer.  The $5M price tag answers why we have not proceeded with this idea (we are a little short).  Still I'd love to see someone else run with the idea.

Disclaimer:  advocates for the History channel sent me a bit of Top Shot swag:
  • A pair of T-shirts.... Size L that would have fit me 30 years ago.  Too bad because I really like the shirt.
  • A Top Shot cell phone cover... that doesn't fit my phone.  
  • And a Shot Glass that I am proud to put up on the wall.  
  • Oh and they sent me some other swag apparently by mistake, all stuff  representing a product I'll never buy and they won't get a free plug here.

23 October 2011

Breakfast of NRA Champions

The lady at the next table said I ought to take a picture of the product of my C-Note toaster to share.  Sorry, I didn't catch your name, but this is for you!

Breakfast of NRA Champions!  Bacon, Egg & NRA Toast!

Alas, I over cooked the egg :-(  But no one to blame but myself.

There was a flurry of bidding at the middling two digits.  I put an end to it bidding the Benjamin. I think the Lady from the adjacent table thought I overbid.  I explained it was a donation to the cause and the number really wasn't important.  I further explained it takes two bidders to get the price up.
We also came home with a coupla other auction buys..  The SandCastle Queen bought some artwork depicting the Boston Tea Party.    The SandCastle Son spotted a Tactical rifle case and placed the winning bid.  He wanted to pay for it out of his savings, but the case will of course end up in the SandCastle Arsenal so that won't happen.  Glad we bought it.

We also brought home an AirRifle for the garage range.  It's a Beeman and supposedly fires a pellet at around 500fps. I may have to set up the Chrono to find out for sure.  In the meantime, we tried it out on the garage range upon arrival at home.  First couple shots left a curl of smoke from the barrel.  Guess there was a bit of residual oil.  Shooting a bit right.  Need to tweak the sights.

We also picked up one win from the bucket drawings.  A print upon which the SCSon quickly placed dibs.

22 October 2011

Friends of NRA dinner

just returned home.  We got the toaster.


pics to follow.

20 October 2011

Top Shot Audition review

Update: Cowboy Blob has posted the final cut of Jon's Top Shot audition tape:

Cowboy Blob asks and I deliver.  After all what are friends for?

My Review:  2 bullets (out of 4):  half of a really good movie which puts it in rich company with Air America, Good Morning Vietnam, and many others.

I loved the first half with the subtle references to Gecko45, the extravagant "any weapon, anytime" references including blasters & phasers (Wardrobe really stepped up there!).  Great post-production work.  Nicely done!  The folks that worked on Sarah's flick could really learn something here.

On the other hand, the second half including depictions* of criminal acts and irresponsible gun use, well not so much.    Showing otherwise responsible gunnies doing irresponsible things is ungood in the parody setting  (Double plus ungood in serious settings).   I did get a chuckle that most of the victims wore Sun Devil shirts.  I guess that UofA/ASU rivalry burns deep!** 

The split personality between the first half depicting a mall ninja/bar braggard and second half criminal pulling driveby shootings didn't fit for me.  I would have liked to seen the mall ninja/Gecko45 character played out rather than dropping into criminal activity.  Perhaps he could have confronted just the over the top scenarios he projected and losing badly, barely escaping as the shattered trauma plates fall away to tell (and embellish) the story.

It also begs the question... what might a gang-banger audition tape look like? "Yo dog... this is my Glock Fo-Tay..." (Let your imagination fill in the rest).

I would have much preferred to see Jon in the hero role, using guns for good.  Perhaps recreating the attempted rape scene from Robocop, Mebbe the Deer Hunter russian roulette scene but taking out 3x on each bullet, mebbe ending Full Metal Jacket 45 minutes early by shooting the sniper's building with his .45 loaded with a very small tac-nuke.  (Hey we are talking over the top!).  Or instead shooting the building with the .45 just as a salvo from Big Mo's 50 cals land...  (And Jon claims credit) Again, I would have liked to see Jon in the (pseudo)hero role, rather than just committing criminal acts with a firearm.

 $.02 and this review is worth what you paid for it.

Post scripts:
This is not to say "I could have done it better" because I couldn't.  Until I saw CB's video, it would never have occurred to me to even think in this direction.  The depiction of criminal acts soured me though at the first viewing.   We are the good guys and we use weapons as tools for good!

* This is not to criticize the weapon handling, but rather the depiction of irresponsible gun handling.  I have every confidence it was filmed in complete safety and no one was ever at risk during filming.  CB simply wouldn't have it any other way.

** I studied at neither so I don't have a dog in that fight.  I have worked with graduates of both and have definite opinions on the relative quality of each!

13 October 2011

ABC meetup

I'm a pretty private person so announcing a future 4D location (x, y, z, time) is a stretch for me.  However we are hosting the monthly ABC meetup this Saturday 2-5pm  1-5PM at Chino Bandito's takee-outee Chandler location.  Let your taste buds off the leash and give 'em a go.  ABC is a loose affiliation of Arizona Bloggers Conservative.  en Friends.  Conservative Bloggers and readers are all welcome.  Drop in and say hello!

Recommend the  two item combo which will run about $8.  Add in a soda (Pepsi products) drink and the afternoon will cost ~$10.  Beer & wine are also available.

From the SEast valley, take the 202 W, exit Dobson North.  Turn right into the driveway past the SRP substation/just ahead of the tire shop.  Chino's is back in the knee of the driveway.

From the West  (202 Eastbound), exit Price road North.  Then Right onto Frye....
From the North (101 Southbound) exit Chandler Blvd, straight through Chandler Blvd, left on Frye....  

....Thence East on Frye, North on Dobson, right into the driveway past the SRP substation to Chino's in the back.

If you miss the driveway, turn right at Chandler Blvd, and another right past the Walgreens (2nd Driveway).   Chino's is ahead on the left.

If you've never experienced Chino's before, step to the left at the counter and identify yourself as a first timer.  There you will receive samples of their fare and they will walk you through the order process.

Update:  Corrected the meeting time 1-5PM.  Also they have free WiFi.

03 October 2011

Grandpa's code key

While the FCC has dropped the code requirements to earn licenses, There is still a family historical interest driving me to learn.  You see my Grandfather was in the Signal Corps in WWI and this was his telegraph key:
I think he would be happy to see his key in action again by his offspring.

We don't know much about it, though it's probably at least 100 years old.   There is am 1899 date cast into the receiver(?) frame.  If anyone knows more about it, please answer in the comments (Bobbi?, anyone) or via direct email sandcastlescrolls at msn dot com.

02 October 2011

Slant Alpha Golf

Woo Hoo!

I gave a talk to a local low power (QRP) group back in July.  In the process of hanging out with the club the SCSon learned he can get his own license.  We bought him the book and he started studying on his own.  He ran into trouble with the electronics stuff as he has had no formal instruction.   I've tried to teach him the basics but he's at an age where he won't listen to dad.

I got to thinking though about my own license.  It will expire next year and just "sitting" while he takes his exam.  Hmmm... Might as well upgrade my own ticket to General. 

So a few weeks later and I'm ready to take the exam.  He hadn't been studying but rather than let him sit I figured the $15 was worth it to get the experience with the exam format.

I mentioned I was taking the test to a couple co-workers and they all offered "Good Luck!".  I said "Thanks, but it's not a matter of luck".  Either you know the material or you don't.  There are a couple questions I just wasn't going to attempt to memorize "Which of the following frequencies are within the General class portion of the 10M band?"  Then lists three frequencies and All of the above.  I suppose I could get an exam that had enough of these "write off" questions to trip me up but I was confident.

In the end, I passed and he failed.  There's a correlation there between "I studied and he hadn't".   We are looking for a formal class for him to take.  We thought we had one, 6 Satudays and close by.  Unfortunately he's at a local community college and they won't register him because he's under 16.  FAIL!  Supposedly there are other classes that run regularly but nothing on the calendar as yet.

Suddenly I'm regretting living in an HOA neighborhood.   Even though I sleep with the HOA president, external antennas are clearly a CCR violation.  This is going to take some creativity!  Stay tuned.

*  /AG tells the world that I have passed the exam even though the exam application and results has not been processed through ARRL and posted to the usual databases.

27 September 2011

Where's Waldo...

...with guns.

Supposedly there are guns in this sequence of pictures, but they are surprisingly difficult to spot ;-)

Seriously though, They obviously drilled the models on the four rules.  So I'll assume pic 10 is not a rule 2 violation and instead is just an artifact of camera angles.

Nicely done!

20 September 2011

Steel Meme

I'm in... Here's my daily carry:
That's a Victorinox on the keyring.  No I don't know which model.  These take a beating in my pocket.  I'm sure I could trade it in for new under warranty but I figure it's "cost of doing business".  I'm not sure the use of the hook or the 'drill' pointing south in the picture, but the corkscrew is top notch.  I have opened many bottles with the corkscrew and it's sure fire.

The blue knife is my Smith & Wesson.  It's made in China so don't be too impressed. IIRC it was about $12 at Big 5.  Straight blade on one side, serrated on the other.  It's solid enough that it's  the first knife I reach for and cheap enough to walk away from should I accidentally walk away from it.  There have been a couple scares already and it's cheap enough I can write it off without a lot of heart burn. 

BTW, Breda broaches the subject of cheap vs inexpensive.  When it comes to knives, it's the quality of the hinge.  If the blade wobbles, it's cheap.  If it's low cost and the blade is solid, it's inexpensive!  The S&W is inexpensive, but cheap enough that I won't lose any sleep if I lose it.

I carry the S&W in favor of other knives in the harem, including  an NRA blade picked up at last year's Friends of NRA dinner and several straight blades.

What's in your pocket?

16 September 2011

No words... just prayers

A race plane at the Reno Air Races crashed into the spectator area.  Video here at around 39 minutes (not for the squeamish).

I pray for the wounded...

2204 Update: 3 dead.  One of those is the pilot leaving two spectators.  That my friends is a miracle!  Prayer for the deceased and the families there of...

Update 9/18 2117:  The death toll has risen to 9, one was a local.  His dad is still alive but in critical condition, I pray he pulls through.  I am still thankful the accounting is so low, but I will not be surprised if it continues to climb.

Update 8/19:  now 10.  Prayers continue the toll climbs no higher.

12 September 2011

August ePostal Results

Here are the results of the August ePostal match. As one of the competitors observed, larger bullets make the 4's easier, but the 2's harder.

Thanks to everyone and drawing winners will be notified in the next few days.


Class 1  air pistol Iron Sights
Bea25 ftCrosman0.17710
True Blue Sam25 ftCrosman0.1779
Class 3  Rim Fire Iron Sights
Mr. Borland7 ydsS&W K-22 Revolver.22 LR32
Mr. Completely21 ftHigh Standard.22 LR18
Thor7 ydsSig Mosquito.22 LR10
True Blue Sam25 ftRuger Single Six.22 LR9
Billll7 YdsRuger Mk 1.22 LR20
Class 5  Centerfire Pistol  Iron Sights
Mr. Borland7 YdsS&W K-38 Revolver.38 spl27
Mr. Completely21 ftTanfoglio Gold.22 LR21
Thor7 YdsSpringfield XD.45 auto15
Thor7 YdsSpringfield XD9 mm14
Billll7 YdsCZ-829mm Makarov9
Billll7 YdsRossi 971.357 Magnum12
SandCastle Queen11 ydsSig 2259mm2
Class 7 Other
Thor7 YdsBaretta CX-4 Storm9 mm18
Billll20 ydsHiPoint 4095, 4x scope.40 S&W10
Thor25 ydsBaretta CX-4 Storm9 mm9
Class 8 null entry

31 August 2011

Top Shot ePostal extended...

through the 3 day weekend.  After careful coordination with TrueBlueSam we are proud to announce the second Two-fer weekend.  When you hit the range this weekend (and you know you will), take along targets for both the August "Top Shot" ePostal and September's "Trying in Vane".  10 shots on either target.  The Top Shot ePostal favors large calibers while Trying  in Vane favors small calibers. I love the contrast!

I need all entries for the August match by noon Tuesday September 6th.  If you get home too late on the 5th, send them in first thing Tuesday AM.

Here is likely my best target and I am happy as a clam.  If you looked outside, you might have seen me dancing in the streets!  Shot with the new-to-me S&W 629 which I am still getting used to.  It's been kicking severe left with the 240 gr Pb SWC bullets at just under 1500 fps.  But the two hits on the line were the first two shot of the 10 shot string.  I apparently changed what was working, probably because "it hurt to shoot it that way" and reverted to severe left.   Still I'm happy as a clam with my two hits plus a liner!

Recall in addition to the normal bragging rights on the line, the History Channel has some Top Shot swag on the the line (winners chosen by random lot).  You don't even have to shoot the match to enter.  Just send me an scan/picture/image of the target with your name on it and you will be entered in the drawing.

Match winners and History Channel prize winners will be announced by the end of the week.

BTW, I already have an entry from Bea who is recovering from surgery, so I don't want to hear any "my dog ate my homework" excuses!  Lets get those entries in to Sand Castle Scrolls at msn dot com.

26 August 2011

ePostal two-fer weekend

This is the final weekend to shoot the August ePostal "Top Shot" and TrueBlueSam has put up the September match "Trying in Vane".

It's a tough target but send in your scores no matter how low.  The History Channel has put up some prizes (Top Shot T shirts, shot glass & iPod case) to be randomly awarded to the entrants.  So lets get those targets in!

14 August 2011

Geeky fun with the SandCastle Son

Hi.  My name is danno and I am a geek.   Always have been, always will be, and proudly so.  Home video offered as evidence.   

Amateur radio satellite ARISS sat 1 was tossed off launched from the International Space Station last week.  Signals are receivable by anyone with a 2Meter band receiver on 145.95 MHz.

It transmits a recorded voice messages, station telemetry and still pictures from one of four on board cameras. 

It's been a learning experience.  First pass we used the radio (a 20 yr old Yaesu 2M HT) connected to the J pole antenna up in the attic.  The pass would occur at 6am-ish well before I'm done counting Z's.  So I connected the radio to the VCR and programmed the timer (Yes I still have a VCR and it still works! old school baby!).  It caught some good voice, but lots of phasing obscured a lot of the messages.

In search of a better antenna, internet to the rescue! Armed with a shopping list I hit up the local big box hardware store.  A 12' length of 1/2 x 3/4" wood cost about $2.50.  However they wanted about $5 for a 3' length of Aluminium rod - I passed.  Instead I visited the local metal euphorium.  A pair of 1/8" x 12' Al rods cost a little over $12*.  Last piece was some RG-58 coax.  Total cost ~$15 and about an hour to assemble.  I added a PVC "mast" to fit into the umbrella stand built into the pool.  Yes, We get to stand in the SandCastle pool while aiming the antenna to pick up the satellite!  Given daytime temps are in the 108F range, this is a big benefit.  Life doesn't get much better than this ;-)  Here's the SCSon on tracking duty:  (The blue horizontal pole is the pool pole and not part of the antenna).

The Yagi antenna completely solved the phasing problems and made for good reception.  Reading the audacity manual I learned it can be set to timer recording!  Woot, no more VCR for timer recording!

Even better is MMSSTV which decodes the images and also records.  I don't know if it can timer record, but since the antenna needs manual steering, it's pretty much a moot point.  Like I said, this has been a learning experience which is reason enough to make the effort.

We caught this on a pass Sunday evening:

What this post really needs though is audio.  Unfortunately while blogger can handle video, still photos and text, it does not handle audio.  So I'm working on editing some audio with the stills into a "video".  That will take some time.  Unfortunately the satellite battery is not performing as expected.  So if you want to hear it for yourself, time is a wasting! 

Best chance for a good pass is late in the afternoon/early evening.  While the satellite charges up during the sun lit pass, it resets every pass through the dark side.  So best reception is late afternoon/early evening at your location where the solar panels have had a long period to charge up the battery and before the battery has discharged during the darkness.

* A friend tells me I could probably have done better by checking the rem barrels.  Doh!  Wish I'd thought of that. 

10 August 2011

"Get it in Writing!"

One of my mantras doing business both at the dayjob(tm) and in personal life is "Get it in writing".  If the customer won't then I will.  Part of it comes from a life in software development.  If there isn't a requirements document in place the project never ends as the customer is never happy.  That's fine as long as the customer is willing to foot the bill, but soon they get weary of hearing "Here's my bill".  "This project was supposed to cost X and we're now triple that!"  The only answer to that is "the price for X included only these features.  You later changed  these features and added these other ones."  And that argument only flies if you have the original agreement in writing.

Friends ridiculed me for such a rigid stance "you are dealing with family and friends, what could possibly go wrong?"  Answer, everything!    It's just good business.  To a man they have come back later to say "OMG, you were so right."

I previously hinted the SandCastle Queen's renovation project.  All through the project she'd report "The cabinets are going to cost this, I've bought the granite for the counter tops here, and the installer is going to do his part for $x. "  She had written estimates from the cabinet people, and the granite was an over the counter deal.  But the granite installer never put it in writing.  I asked the SCQueen and explained my concerns several times. (It's just good business!)   She called and left plenty of messages without result (which is a red flag in itself).  She pooh poo'd my concerns "He's recommended by our contractor friend and they all know him at the rock shop".  "Get it in writing... It's just good business" I'd answer.

Mr granite guy came by today to make his final measurements now that the cabinets are in.  Today's quoted price was nearly 2x the original.  The 'Queen argued and got him somewhere back down to the vicinity original quote.

She called me at the dayjob saying "you were right".  (I did NOT respond with "told ya so".  That's just not constructive).  Ok, but we fix the problem here.  He needs to know no work begins without a written quote, other wise we get to go through this again next week!  And next time he shows up here, there better be video running!  It's just good business!

BTW, Mr Granite guy, you may think you won today.  In reality you lost.  Several of the SCQueen's friends are interested in similar projects.  She was all set to recommend you until today.  Your lack of professionalism cost you a lot of future business.

Oh, and BTW, just assume we will be running video anytime you are in this SandCastle!

"Get it in writing - it's just good business!"  Today I'll add, and take audio/video of the negotiations!

05 August 2011

August ePostal: "Top Shot"

Top Shot season 3 kicks off this coming Tuesday August 9th (History channel, 10/9C).

Here's your chance to see if you've got what it takes.  Last season challengers had to split a bullet on the blade of an ax.  You can relive Darryl Parker's shots here.

Here's our take on the challenge.  It will be a bit easier as the entire bullet width is usable.  a round nose bullet on a blade might not bite in enough to split the bullet.

The History Channel has offered up some Top Shot swag on the table for entrants.  Looks like they have both Red & Blue team T-shirts, a shot glass and a iPod case.  Winner(s) will be chosen by random lot so there is no incentive to "fudge" on the scores.   Winner(s) will be notified by email so make sure your e-addy is good.

Actually shooting the target to enter is not required and there is no entry fee.  Anyone wanting to enter for the drawing should download the target, fill in at least your name and email it to me.  Presumably the email will include an email address I can follow up with to get a mailing address should your entry be drawn.  Odds of winning depend on the number of prizes and number of entry.  Neither of these are known at this time but will be published when known.

Course of fire:
Download and print target here.

One target, 10 shots. 

Range: 7 yds or range minimum which ever is greater.  Standing unsupported, one or two hands. No time limit.

Update Revised scoring scheme:
Scoring is binary.  Either the shot cuts the line or it does not.  +1 for a hit, +0 for a miss.  Max score: 10, Min score: 0.
Cutting the line is a difficult shot.  The original scoring scheme reflected that.  On my first try I scored a couple of 1's.  The rest of the sand castle crew tried and scored goose eggs.  So here's the new scoring scheme:   Cutting the bullet on the blade the ax scores 4 (previously scored 1).  A hit completely within the ax scores 2 and a hit touching the ax scores 1.  Max score 40, min score 0.  I don't want to discourage "low scoring" entries.

It is still a difficult target, but the new scoring scheme should produce more "partial credit". Sorry for changing the rules mid stream, all I can say is "my bad" and better to change mid stream than push a bad position.

Ties will be broken by distance.  The longer distance takes the place (7yds < 7 M < 25ft < 10 yds < 10M < 11 yds).

Enter as many times as you like with as many weapons as you can lay your grubby hands on. 

Classes:  You got it? shoot it and we'll find a place to record the score. (I reserve the right to draw the line at tater-guns & scatter guns).  Obviously wider bullets have an advantage but you can shoot it with anything you own or can legitimately beg, borrow or steal.
  1. .177 cal air pistol, iron sights (air or C02 powered)
  2. .177 cal air pistol, optic sights (air or C02 powered)
  3. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, iron sights
  4. .17/.22 cal rim fire pistol, magnified optical sights
  5. center fire pistol, iron sights
  6. center fire pistol, magnified optic sights
  7. Misc.  If it doesn't fit above, tell me how you shot it and we'll record it here.
  8. Null entry (for people that want to enter without shooting)
Score submissions: scan or photograph your target, fill in the gun info (make & model & caliber), distance, class, on-line identity (name/pseudonym as you want it on the score sheets, blog reference for linky love ) however you want to be remembered on the score sheets... email to SandCastleScrolls-at-msn-dot-com.

Post Scripts (the fine print):
Thank you to the History Channel for putting up the prizes.

FTC disclaimer:  I have not been, nor do I expect any actual money to change hands in exchange for running contest.  Mr. C had a hole in the schedule and I wanted to run this tie-in.  Win-win.  The History Channel has suggested some trinkets might be in my future, but nothing as of yet.

As always, your electronic information will be kept confidential.  I will not add you to any mailing lists.  If necessary to send out prizes, information may be shared with the History Channel.

If you've never shot before and want to give shooting a try, drop me a line with your general area (city & state).  Many gun bloggers are open to taking first timers out and I will try to refer your to someone close by.  No Guarantees, but we'll try.

04 August 2011


You've seen it in the movies, you've seen your friends do it and it just looks cool with the handle sticking out.  Of course you lose style points when it's your "fiancee's pink pistol" sticking out of your waistband. 

This is why you should never just stick a gun in your waistband.  Even the powder burns to the wedding tackle at that range are going to leave a mark.

The 911 call is a good example of why 911 recordings should not be public domain nor played on TV.
911op: "Apply pressure to the wound, but don't look."
911reporter: "I already looked..."  
There are a lot of questions not answered by this story.  Hopefully those details will come out in the near future.

30 July 2011

'Twas a dark and stormy night!

No, really it was.  But then every writer dreams of that opening.  Here's my chance.

Your humble host was invited to give a talk to experienced engineers on the DayJob('tm)'s products.  Our hosts were most gracious and treated us to far better accommodations than when I perform similar duties for the $DayJob(tm).   Still while our host covered our room and board, the bed quite frankly was about as comfortable as a cement slab!  The SCQueen and I actively discussed what might have been softer.. the bed or the floor.   Another renter suggested a box of doorknobs would have been more comfortable.

Plan A was to enjoy the nice dinner & campfire with the group, spend a 2nd night at the inn and return Sunday AM.  But with fresh bruises from the previous evening... the SandCastle Queen wanted nothing more than her own bed tonight.  Call it Plan D. (plans B & C were already in the rear view mirror!)

So we enjoyed a pleasant dinner with the group and made our departure around 7pm.  Initially the lighting was far off in the distance then struck closer.  Soon the SCSon was asking questions about "what happens when an aircraft is struck by lightning?"  (Answer:  Faraday cage: don't sweat it!)

A couple strikes were so close it merely lit up the landscape like a flash bulb (for those that remember flash bulbs).  It rained so hard visibility dropped to around 100 ft even with wipers set on kill.

Leaving the storm in the rear view, lighting struck a quarter mile off the freeway... "Yawn"... it's already shown us better than that!

We're home safe now and will be in our own beds tonight... it doesn't get much better than this.

Don't wake me in the AM!

28 July 2011

Gunnie TV

main stream gun shows are taking over the airwaves.  Sons of Guns has started, Top Shot season 3 is about to kick off and there are more shows in the wings.

Sons of Guns has been running new shows for a couple weeks.  Looks like they've extended it to a 1 hour format with 2-3 projects per episode.  I'm going to skip right over the custom machine gun build and get right to the best part of the episode: a race between Jerry "full auto finger" Miculek" firing a semi auto AK-47 and a full auto AK-47.  Hmmm seem the race really is really a race of reaction times.  JM probably can't pull the trigger faster than an AK-47 but his reactions could be fast enough to make up the deficit.

Since Discovery has not put up the best 2 minutes of the episode, I'm going to spill the beans.  It was close but full auto won.

But the numbers are interesting:  From the low ready *Beep* to 10 trigger pulls, Jerry did it in 1.52 seconds with a 0.31 second reaction time.  Chris ran the full auto dry in 1.40S.  I really wish they mentioned Chris' reaction time.  Bet it was slower than JM's but the gun made up the deficit.  Here's a link to a bad version of the clip (recorded off the TV).  But for now it's the only one I can find.

Top Shot season 3 will start Tuesday Aug 9th 10/9C.  BTW, the season 3 preview shows one character holding an RPG.  I wonder if that's a hint of what is to come this season (heh heh heh, what kind of match could you come up with using RPG's?  In CALIFORNIA where the show is filmed?).  The email also suggests they might put up some more swag to give away as contest prizes.  I have some ideas there but need to get some buy in from them before announcing.  Stay tuned.  If I can score some swag to pass along, I will.
Full disclosure always... the History channel sent an email suggested they might send some swag my way.  I've posted about the show in the past and likely will continue to post about it in the future trinkets or no.   (But it's nice to be appreciated)  Also the few trinkets won't stop me from posting my opinion.  For example I was really disappointed in how Season 2 ended.  It seemed very scripted by at least two of the three finalists.   See also The Undefeated.  But I'll be watching again this season.

Finally David Codrea hosted Kristi from MetalFlowerMedia which produces "unscripted TV shows" (AKA reality TV).  They are looking for families for a new show:
This is a very special series for a major tv network* featuring families across the country who celebrate fundamental values of family first, pride in your country, and protecting what matters most. These families value our second amendment rights and are the backbone of our great country.
 You can apply here.

David's radio show is on 7-8AM AzST (Arizona Standard Time - the most stable time base ever - we never change!)   Currently this is the same as PDT.   You can listen via the internet here (click on listen live).  The last week show archives are here.  Updates have been spotty but they are getting better.

* until today they major TV network was mentioned right their on the website.  oops!

25 July 2011

Monster Hunter Alpha

The SandCastle Son and I did something I rarely do: Made a trip to the mall.  All it takes is a little proper motivation.  In this case today is opening day for Monster Hunter Alpha.  Actually we didn't go into the mall, just to Barnes & Noble which is at the mall which means dealing with mall parking and that's a big reason I don't go to the mall!

Helpful hint to my good friends at B&N:  It's easier to buy a book when it's out on the floor and people can see it!

We looked around for the book without success and waited a while at the information desk while the one clerk explained the basics of the Nook to a couple qtips.  Eventually a second clerk arrived looked it up for us.  She led us to the SciFi section where books #1 & 2 were on the shelf.  Then she went "into the backroom"... and came back with... a Halo book.  She enlisted the help of "She who is in charge of special features".  Apparently the feature won't start for a couple days yet.  But at least she came back with a copy of the book.

The SCSon is reading it now I and I should get my turn in about a day and a half when he's finished.

Hey Larry - When are you coming to town to sign it?

Oh and clerk #1 was still explaining the basics to the qtips when we left.

18 July 2011

Hi Point Carbine/Video test

TBS posted Bea's Hi-Point carbine.  Long time readers may remember I picked one up a while back to shoot in a local club's pistol-caliber carbine match.  Rumor has it they will offer up another at GBR IV.  Good on 'em and thanks for the support.

So I finally got out to the match last month.  It's a hoot to shoot and cheap both to acquire and shoot.   Here's the stage 3 setup...
And here's the big picture

Here's what it looked like from the perspective of the gun.  (Disregard the date & time in the lower right.  It's wrong)  PS... This stage was shot with a pair of ProMag 15 round magazines instead of the factory 10 rounders.

16 July 2011

The Undefeated

The SandCastle crew spent the afternoon enjoying AMC24's air conditioning and the Sarah Palin movie.  The story was interesting from the early days cleaning up the mayors office and taking on the Corrupt Bastards Club.  It nicely filled in the story I didn't know prior to her arrival on McCain's team.

By the end the audience was clapping at the applause lines in both Reagan's and Palin's speeches.  It was really a fun afternoon.

On the other hand, the cinematography is horrible and really made the movie unwatchable.  Many scenes are out of focus, as though they were filmed in closeup off a TV screen.  The talking head scenes are a blur of zoom in/zoom out, shift right & left, pop right & left, sepia tones, normal tones.  Some of the TEA party scenes are so shaky it almost had to have been done intentionally.  I assume it's supposed to make it "artsy" but...

Great Story, but visually unwatchable.

Run Sarah Run!

14 July 2011

Monster Hunter International

I meant to write this review several months back after reading "MHI: Vendetta" (the 2nd book).  My bad, but not beyond redemption.  The 3rd book "Alpha" will be out in a couple weeks so get your pre-orders in now.

So here's the deal.... Your humble host bought the first book ("MHI") on a "signed by the author" deal and highly recommended by other gunbloggers.  I like having books signed by the author.  (I have several!)

I was expecting the typical "start from the bottom and work up though the hierarchy of baddies to the big dog.  But no.  Larry launches into battles between the heros and the undead at the top of what I knew of the undead food chain, and heads uphill from there!

The 1st book opens with a couple lines to appeal to most any oxygen consuming  reader:
On one otherwise normal Tuesday evening I had the chance to live the American dream.  I was able to throw my incompetent jackass of a boss from a fourteenth story window.

Even though I don't feel that way about the current boss, I suspect we've all felt that urge toward a boss at some time in our life.  I know I have.

MHI is a very entertaining read.  The 600-700+ pages fly by.   About 75-80% through the book I'm at the point where I think "Ok, he's written the hero into a corner.  How will he get out of this?"  (And he does)  As fellow fan "AerialApplicatorDoug"* observed "Larry really knows how to spin a tale".   Amen.

Ditto for MHI: Vendetta.  Where I bought the first book on the recommendation of others and shared it with the SandCastleSon, the SCSon spent his own hard earned money on MHI: Vendetta.  (Thanks Larry for autographing it in Scottsdale, AZ).   We will acquire MHI: Alpha as soon as released.

And Larry, we *EXPECT* to see you here in the desert to sign it soon!

* I considered referring to Doug as AADoug but that might leave in incorrect impression...   of both of us...

04 July 2011


Happy Independence Day, #235.

The Stars and Stripes are flying here at the SandCastle.

(others MM, Traction Control have posted thoughts from the time so no need to duplicate).

Hope your colors are flying as well.

01 July 2011

Epic suckage....

I cut out early form the DayJob(tm) to meet up at PRGC with the cool kids from GreatSatanInc for a round of fun steel.  We'd blown off the last couple weeks due to the 110+F temps.  But today's forecast called for "only" 107.

Normally we meet at 5:30 (nominally) 5:45-ish.  But today we both have evening engagements so we met at 3:30 and were the first ones on the course.

Stage one was deceptively difficult: 5 round targets at staggered distances, hit each twice all from box A (two runs).  Turns out the first three are easy but #4 & #5 (diagonally across the bay) were surprisingly difficult.

Stage two was very similar: 3 normal sized circles and 2 miniatures set further back.  Two hits on each from box A, then again from box B (one either side of the bay).  I did my best on the normal circles and made token attempts at the minis. 

I do not remember how many penalties I rang up but I'm fairly certain it's more than the sum of every other stage ever shot in my life.  I'd guess 7+/-2.  I also realized I'd burnt up more than half of the 150 rounds I'd brought for the match.  Comparing notes while reloading for stage 3 the entire squad told the same story. 

Stage three consisted of a plate rack + 2 poppers, x3.   I don't know if any of us actually finished the stage.  I aborted with a couple plates left on the last rack. 

Part of my issues were a couple magazines that wouldn't reliably feed.  Note to self, get these to the range and identify & replace the offending magazines.  Single shot is a slow way to shoot. 

By then none of us had enough rounds left to make a credible attempt on stage 4 so we turned in our cards and retreated to the AC of our cars.

This was my worst performance ever...  Still two hours shooting [and largely missing] beats two hours working!

28 June 2011

The 'Nuge is coming to KFYI

Mike Broomhead (KFYI 4-7pm) will turn over the microphone host Ted Nugent from 5-6pm tonight. You can listen here or get the video here.

Should be an entertaining hour.

KFYI typically makes the show archives available on line.  I'll post the link when it's up here.

27 June 2011

Easy hint to sales droids...

If you promise a quick stop "just to measure" (after you've already seen other vendor's site measurements) and schedule it for 6pm (around these parts we call it "dinner time"), and then stay until "prime time", don't be surprised when you get a cold response from the person that will eventually write the check.

Think about this for a second... It's her project but I'm the one that gonna write the check. If I introduce myself as "starving" you damn well better hightail it and don't be offended by the slammed door on your way out. You should have GTFO at least 30 mins ago.

But we are a team and she drives a hard bargain. Let me school you in on the obvious. She's already over budget (waaaay over budget) and you're standing between me and dinner. I can work the budget issue, but there is no negotiating with dinner time. That's a bad place to be. '

You should have recognized this when you walked in the door. Yea... you overstayed your welcome. A lot.

If it were my deal, My answer would be:

You caused an awful lot of marital discord tonight. This is not a good business plan.

Hope you're happy.

25 June 2011

Miata Bleg...

Has anyone replaced the top on a Miata? I'm about to embark on the process and consumed all the info.net I can find on how to do it. The new top is on site and before starting to remove the old top, I've been walking through the process. First thing I noticed is that the cables are broken.

Does anyone know if these are available locally in the Phoenix area? All the internet sources seem to be on the east coast and UPS shipping the top from NC took a full 7 calendar days. I really want to get this project going and I don't want to spend stupid amounts on fast shipping.

I really rather drive somewhere close and pick them up.

17 June 2011

Wish I were there...

The SandCastleSon's Bday was last month.  Today Grandpa is giving him his present: his first actual flight lesson.  He's flown with me his entire life but I'm not a CFI.  Today he received his own logbook and will log his first hour with an actual instructor.  I wish I were there to see it.

Stay tuned for pictures.

Update: [from the comments]  The SandCastle Son has his impressions posted up at his blog here.

15 June 2011

One down, two to go...


Nevada will soon recognize AZ CCW permits!

The SandCastle Queen and I obtained our CCW permits not only to carry concealed in our own state, but for the additional states allowed by reciprocity.  Unfortunately most of our adjacent states (CA, NV, NM) did not recognize the AZ permit.  But two of the three recognized the Utah permit.  However both dropped reciprocity almost simultaneously with the SCQueen and I receiving our permits.  Drat.

But it looks like Nevada is back!, at least starting the bottom half of the year.  Woot!  I presume cooler heads prevailed.

(NM, you're next and CA, one way or another, your days of denying the inherent human right of self defense by the best means available are numbered as well!)

14 June 2011

Talk Radio Gunnie Style

Checking NBC1260 (KBSZ)'s website, I see not only does David Codrea have an hour each weekday morning, they also carry Tom Gresham's GunTalk in real time Sundays 11-2PM and replays again at 6-9PM.

The schedule also shows gun talk at 6-7AM week days.  The picture included shows Tom Gresham so presumably they rerun the Sunday show an hour at a time.  But I'll never know because I'm not generally conscious at that hour.

The 1260AM transmitter is in Apache Junction (35miles east of Phoenix.  The daytime coverage map shows at least "fringe" daytime coverage over the greater phoenix area and surrounding communities.   They also simulcast on 96.1 FM, suggesting a cleaner signal for those closer in.

Thank you NBC1260 for bringing Gun Talk and the War On Guns to the airwaves!

12 June 2011

WOG comes to Phoenix!

Now that is cool.  David Codrea is bringing War on Guns to the Phoenix airwaves.
Scottsdale-based radio station KBSZ 1260’s new program, “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” debuts on June 13 in the 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. time slot to provide a much-needed voice to counter and refute those who demand citizen disarmament, and to argue instead for freedom.
More here.  I'll be tuning in!  If I read it right, it's also simulcast on 96.1 FM.

11 June 2011

My Story

... Jennifer asks how I became a gunnie.

I wanted to learn to shoot as far back as I can remember, but grew up in suburban California where no one had guns or talked about shooting.  Mom was hoplophobic as Sarah Brady herself.  We weren't even allowed cap guns as kids and water guns were only barely tolerated.

First chance to shoot came at boyscout camp.  We had our choice of "classes" to take and once I'd heard shooting was available, I knew that was the one for me.  I don't recall  it being a particularly positive experience.   I suspect that was more due to the fact that shooting is not something mastered in a five day course than anything about their program (However shooting was supposed to also be available during "free time" and it wasn't.

Circa 1975 I took NRA hunter safety as an elective in grade school, from a teacher I absolutely loathed.  He had been my 6th grade teacher and we did not get along.  But I took it because the carrot, getting to shoot at the end of the class, was worth putting up with him.*  So I went through the class, learned a lot and never got to shoot.  They tried a couple times for a range day but each was rained out and finally gave up.

The desire to learn pretty much died out for many years through high school and college.  This was California and as far as I knew, guns were illegal here.  I shot archery in college (25# recurve bow), wishing it were guns. It was fun and I did well enough that I was frequently shooting the  nocks off my arrows Robin Hood style.

Following college and starting a career, I soon landed in the Free state of Arizona.  Some co-workers discussed going out into the desert to shoot over lunch one day and they invited me to tag along.  Years of pent up desire came flooding back and I soon placed an order with my friendly local FFL and bought my first gun.  And joined the NRA. Then followed another purchase, and another, etc...

Learned my fiancĂ©e (now wife) liked to shoot.  Her grandmother was an Annie-Oakley style sharp shooter.  Family heirlooms include a collection of plugged nickels that were shot out of the air.

Since then we have acquired a good sized safe and filled it.  Handguns, rifles, shotguns.  I learned about the CMP and quickly decided the Garand deal wasn't going to last forever.  I bought one for me and one for the SCSon.  Then an M1 Carbine.  Then I learned IBM made some carbines and scored one of their precious few (I'm a geek, had to have one).   I hadn't really considered a Mosin Nagant, but the SCSon developed an interest via one of his video games.  The store up on the hill had them for less than a C-note so "heck why not?"  BVTW, the only regrets buying guns are the ones I passed on and should have bought.  I actively avoid looking at the Aim Surplus website because I too frequently find stuff I want to buy.  The SandCastle Queen kinda now gives me that "numb" look when I tell her I bought another gun, you know, kinda like Ferdinand Marcos when Imelda announced she bought another dozen pairs of shoes.

We have a couple of her grandfather's rifles here in protective custody after the SandCastle Queen found them in a shed suffering from exposure. We also have my dad's gun which he got when he was twelve.  It was in my grandmother's closet (recall mom hated guns).  I took both he and the gun on a range trip.  Near as we can tell, he hadn't picked up that gun in 55 years nor fired a shot in the last 50, yet he hit a 2" swinger at 50 yards on the first shot.  Apparently he remembered the sight picture.

I have taught the family that these guns are family heirlooms not to be sold, traded or surrendered.  Nothing would make me happier than to see these handed down 10 generations from now.  Nothing would break my heart more than to see a relative take one to a pawn shop to see what they can get for it.  I didn't buy these so you could sell them to a pawn shop for 30 cents on the dollar.  These are your birthright and yours to exercise your second amendment rights.   I will come back to haunt anyone that pisses that away.

A decade ago the inescapable logic of "911 won't save you but 1911 can", "When seconds count, police are minutes away", etc.  Now both the SandCastle Queen and I both have multiple CCW permits.  I hope I never have to use it, but I don't go to an ATM without a gun.  (Not that we need the permit as AZ now has constitutional carry but the permit lets us carry in about 35 other states).

We have lots of fun with shooting.  We shoot Mr. Completely's ePostal match (and currently host the May match).  We shoot a local fun steel match.  I've shot a high power match, and the SCSon shoots Olympic 4 position small bore with the clubs junior smallbore division , a program I would have loved to participate in when I was a teen.  I'm looking forward to shooting the clubs pistol caliber carbine match.  One of the few items left on my "to-do this life" list (AKA bucket list) is to shoot a high power match at Camp Perry.  I won't make it this year, but I'm aiming for 2012.

* in hindsight, I shouldn't be too hard on the guy.  He taught NRA hunter safety in a California public school and wasn't charged with a felony for bringing a gun on to school grounds.  That included him bringing his 30.06 deer rifle into class, demonstrated cleaning the rifle and letting us learn the sights.  But that's how I felt at the time.

05 June 2011

May ePostal "Necco Mania!" results

Here are the results for the May 2011 ePostal match. Thank you to all that participated!

Shooter Distance Make Caliber Score Notes
Class 1 air pistol Iron Sights

Mr. Borland 7yds IZH 46M 0.177 19 Perfect!

Danno 7yds Crosman 1377 0.177 5

Bea 21 ft Crosman 1377 0.177 4

Class 3 Rim Fire Iron Sights

Bill Llewellen 7yd Ruger Mk I .22LR 16

Mr. Completely 25ft Hi Standard Supermatic Citation 106 .22LR 13

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Mk III .22LR 7

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Danno 11yd Ruger .22/45 .22LR 6 Tie broken by distance

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 6

Danno 11yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 5 Tie broken by distance

Thor 7M Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR 5

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 4

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 4

SCSon 11YD Ruger Single Six .22LR 1 Age 12

Class 5 Centerfire Pistol, Iron Sights

Thor 7M Springfield XD 9mm 11

Thor 7M Springfield XD .45 ACP 5

Class 8 Rimfire Rifle Optic

Danno 25YD Ruger 10/22 .22LR 10

Class 11 Other

SCSon 25YD M1 Carbine .30 Carbine 6 4x scope off the bench

Class 12 Low Ball

Danno 11YD S&W 629 .44 Magnum 1

Normally I don't call a winner.  We had real good entries from the usual suspects,  Billl turned in a 16 and Mr. C forgot his holdover a couple times to score "only" 13.   However Mr Borland turned in a perfect target.  19 shots, 19 targets hit.  Didn't even need the free miss.  I politely inquired about if he'd followed the course of fire.
I confess to having shot it 2-handed. 10m purists would wrench their garments at the sight, so, for them, I shot a second target 1-handed. I pulled one shot a bit and used all 20 pellets. I didn't see any style points being awarded - I figured a 19/19 beats a 19/20, so in it went. 
Nope, no style points.  But I guess if you've spent a significant amount of time shooting air pistol at 10M, shooting 1" dots at 7yds is child's play.   Great Shooting Mr. Borland!  Thanks for entering the match.  Here's the perfect target:

Finally, "Getting Schooled" is up over at Random Nuclear Strikes.