14 February 2018

Gotta love modern technology

TL;DR:  modern technology allows me to send lunch money to SCSon via his phone.

Long Form:  The SandCastle Queen called just before 5pm "The SCSon left his wallet when he left to meet his instructor".  Tried calling and texting so he can swing by the DayJob(tm) and I can give him some $$$.  Good news, this proves he doesn't use his phone while driving (this is a good thing).  He finally checked his phone at his destination while getting ready to order supper... and no dinero to pay with.

I didn't want to drive over and deliver cash because it means ~10 miles in rush hour traffic in the wrong direction.  Discover Card used to let me generate a one-time use CC# that I could use, but that's gone the way of he dodo bird,

Fortunately the internet is now a thing, and by golly, did you know you can send an eGift card over the internet!  So I was able to send him a sawbuck to his phone to buy supper with!   Maybe I should have let him suffer to learn the lesson.  But that would sacrifice the primary lesson :-(

Still 'cuz Internet, I could send him an egift card via his phone.  This saved a whole lotta driving in ugly rush hour traffic in  the rain with accidents practically on every corner.  Gotta love $TECHNOLOGY!

And the unpaid plug this was Panera Bread Co  though I suspect many other chains offer something similar.  And a hint to those that don't,  Figure it out!