04 August 2018

New Shoes

The truck's tires were down to the wear markers.  The tires were OEM equipment with 55K miles.  No idea if that is over or under the design life.  No matter.  Baby needs new shoes.  The tire pressure warning has been on for months and despite verifying inflation, refused to reset.

The SandCastle Queen showed me a Sam's Club flyer.  If I read it right, I could save $80 on a set of four tires and get free installation (normally $60).  But it was a one day only sale.  I called to verify the deal.  They said "We're booked with appointments for the rest of the day but if you buy the tires we can install them later this week and book the savings.  Fair enough.

The SCQueen and I head on over and not only are the tires in stock, they have an opening in the shop right now, appointments be damned!.  Sure, let's get 'em done.

Before even starting work, they inspect the lug nuts.  I've not run into this before but they explained some manufacturers have used Aluminium lug nuts that plastically deform under heat and the pressure of the tire.  They will reject the job before it starts if their socket will not fit over every lug nut.

But here's what really impressed me: When re-installing the tires, they started every lug nut by hand.  I've had lug nuts cross threaded by ham handed installers living out their NASCAR crew member fantasies burning on the lugnuts with the airgun only.  Then they finished off the lug tightening via a torque wrench that he had just set to proper torque referring to the paperwork.  They even logged the serial number of the torque wrench on the receipt.

That's the way it should be done!  And I didn't even have to ask.  Good Job Guys!

(Nor did I get paid for this review either.  I just want to note a job properly done.)

Oh and while we were there we managed to find ways to spend another C-note :-(