27 September 2011

Where's Waldo...

...with guns.

Supposedly there are guns in this sequence of pictures, but they are surprisingly difficult to spot ;-)

Seriously though, They obviously drilled the models on the four rules.  So I'll assume pic 10 is not a rule 2 violation and instead is just an artifact of camera angles.

Nicely done!

20 September 2011

Steel Meme

I'm in... Here's my daily carry:
That's a Victorinox on the keyring.  No I don't know which model.  These take a beating in my pocket.  I'm sure I could trade it in for new under warranty but I figure it's "cost of doing business".  I'm not sure the use of the hook or the 'drill' pointing south in the picture, but the corkscrew is top notch.  I have opened many bottles with the corkscrew and it's sure fire.

The blue knife is my Smith & Wesson.  It's made in China so don't be too impressed. IIRC it was about $12 at Big 5.  Straight blade on one side, serrated on the other.  It's solid enough that it's  the first knife I reach for and cheap enough to walk away from should I accidentally walk away from it.  There have been a couple scares already and it's cheap enough I can write it off without a lot of heart burn. 

BTW, Breda broaches the subject of cheap vs inexpensive.  When it comes to knives, it's the quality of the hinge.  If the blade wobbles, it's cheap.  If it's low cost and the blade is solid, it's inexpensive!  The S&W is inexpensive, but cheap enough that I won't lose any sleep if I lose it.

I carry the S&W in favor of other knives in the harem, including  an NRA blade picked up at last year's Friends of NRA dinner and several straight blades.

What's in your pocket?

16 September 2011

No words... just prayers

A race plane at the Reno Air Races crashed into the spectator area.  Video here at around 39 minutes (not for the squeamish).

I pray for the wounded...

2204 Update: 3 dead.  One of those is the pilot leaving two spectators.  That my friends is a miracle!  Prayer for the deceased and the families there of...

Update 9/18 2117:  The death toll has risen to 9, one was a local.  His dad is still alive but in critical condition, I pray he pulls through.  I am still thankful the accounting is so low, but I will not be surprised if it continues to climb.

Update 8/19:  now 10.  Prayers continue the toll climbs no higher.

12 September 2011

August ePostal Results

Here are the results of the August ePostal match. As one of the competitors observed, larger bullets make the 4's easier, but the 2's harder.

Thanks to everyone and drawing winners will be notified in the next few days.


Class 1  air pistol Iron Sights
Bea25 ftCrosman0.17710
True Blue Sam25 ftCrosman0.1779
Class 3  Rim Fire Iron Sights
Mr. Borland7 ydsS&W K-22 Revolver.22 LR32
Mr. Completely21 ftHigh Standard.22 LR18
Thor7 ydsSig Mosquito.22 LR10
True Blue Sam25 ftRuger Single Six.22 LR9
Billll7 YdsRuger Mk 1.22 LR20
Class 5  Centerfire Pistol  Iron Sights
Mr. Borland7 YdsS&W K-38 Revolver.38 spl27
Mr. Completely21 ftTanfoglio Gold.22 LR21
Thor7 YdsSpringfield XD.45 auto15
Thor7 YdsSpringfield XD9 mm14
Billll7 YdsCZ-829mm Makarov9
Billll7 YdsRossi 971.357 Magnum12
SandCastle Queen11 ydsSig 2259mm2
Class 7 Other
Thor7 YdsBaretta CX-4 Storm9 mm18
Billll20 ydsHiPoint 4095, 4x scope.40 S&W10
Thor25 ydsBaretta CX-4 Storm9 mm9
Class 8 null entry