28 June 2010

Red Letter Day!

Not only has the SCOTUS dealt a smackdown on the Chicago gun ban, but Senator Byrd has left the building!

I remember hearing the news of one of the gun bans passing thirty some years ago and asking "That's clearly unconstitutional! How can they do this?" I felt very much like those kids in the TV commercial where the moderator offers the first girl a pony and gives her a plastic toy, then offers the second girl a pony and gives her a real one. The commercial tagline is something to the effect of "Even a child can tell when something isn't right".

If those words in the bill of rights are the supreme law of the land, how can these outright bans possibly be constitutional? Further how can these legislators pass these laws with a straight face.

Mum patiently explained dismissed my complaint saying it has to go all the way to the Supreme Court and it is extremely expensive to challenge a law, no matter how blatantly it violates the constitution. Since then of course we've all learned about "standing", and "standards of scrutiny".

The second question is something they don't cover in Civics class. Many years later the answer became obvious. Quite simply legislators DO NOT CARE than they are violating the constitution. There is no downside in it for them. They just want to get re-elected and that means making deals with the devil. They will be long gone when the bill comes due.

So tonight I'm hoisting one to the SCOTUS for getting it right and cursing the four that read the words and still didn't care.

I'm not going to dance in the streets at Sen Byrd's demise, not even a little w00t. He really should have left the Senate under his own power at least 25 years ago. As it was, he was a walking (sometimes) talking (always) argument for term limits. I can think of a couple others that ought to leave under their own power. In fact I look forward to casting a vote to retire my senior Senator in the upcoming primary.

24 June 2010

car frustrations

I can't think of a way to post details without throwing a loved one under the bus. So is greatest Jeopardy tradition, I'll give the answer - You'll come up with the question.

My attempt to save 40$ on a new [REDACTED] for the primary ride has cost me $6 in [REDACTED], a $39 [REDACTED], several hours pouring over the manual and trouble shooting in the 100+ degree garage and a week driving the backup vehicle. (yet another place where "two is one and one is none")

Sometimes living the frugal life goes a little too far. For now just call me "penny wise & pound foolish"

19 June 2010

Wedding day

No not mine... But a certain Az blogger has gone quiet for the past week is doing the deed today. update - I've received permission to spill the beans. Pop on over to Arizona Rifleman & send your best wishes to he and his new bride. May there be many little Riflekind in their future. (G'head... just hijack the comment thread on his latest post).

The daughter of the SCQueen's life long friend also tied the knot today. I begged off that one on the basis that it's Father's day weekend and I really didn't want to spend it at a wedding 2+ driving hours away.

Instead I'll be hanging out with other Arizona bloggers. However I may catch hell later. The SCQueen made the drive including getting stuck in a 7 mile traffic jam due to an overturned vehicle on the one road between here and there. Traffic reports suggested the freeway may not be open until just prior to the scheduled start. I'll bet most of the wedding attendees are also stuck.

Update: Traffic opened up earlier than expected and she made it to the church on time. Meanwhile I met a lot of other great people and re-met some that I'd met before. Look for a new Moonbattery link over on the left side under Neighborly Reads. We didn't talk much but I liked what I saw checking out the blog.

09 June 2010

May ePostal CTD drawing winner

We have a winner for Cheaper Than Dirt's $50 certificate. Recall this is awarded randomly to an entrant in Mr. Completely's monthly ePostal contest.

But first here is the selection methodology. I took the results list (now nicely formatted here), and printed them out. These were sliced into evenly sized strips. Those strips were folded and put into a hat and stirred well. Then, per tradition, I sought out the prettiest girl in the immediate vicinity and had her draw a strip. I can't think of a more random way to select an entrant.

And that name is......

.........................Drumroll please....................
......................... More drumroll.....................

Billll, specifically for his Ruger Mk 1 class 1 entry. Congrats Bill! Enjoy the spree!

08 June 2010

Top Shot / Reality TV

I completely ignored the new reality TV for years. Never seen an episode of Survivor, and if I ever caught myself stopping on "cops" while channel surfing, I knew it was time to switch off. The early seasons of "Deadliest Catch" also had nothing for me.

But a couple years ago "Ice road trucker's" grabbed my interest. Not so much the idea of driving heavy trucks on ice, but more the really low speed limits (15mph) means the trip takes hours. Oh and don't forget the hills between the lakes ("portage") where you don't have much traction going up the hill and you can't get a running start because you'll blow out the ice for the next guy. Now the new season has also started, but it doesn't look significantly different than last season.

And then I found "Bullrun". It's a rally race grafted onto a reality show. The elimination round takes the form of obstacle driving course. There is a certain poetic justice seeing a kid show up in a $100k super car get sent home buy an old fart in a Hemi 'cuda. And the girl that brags about what a great driver she is also going home. Ha ha... you earned it. By the end I was pulling for the 'Cuda Old Fart because he'd proven himself (and his daughter as well, even though she pulls the bimbo rope-a-dope perfectly). Unfortunately the final challenge favored the modern super cars.

And Pawn Stars is absolutely fascinating... kind of an "Antiques Roadshow" meets "Let's Make A Deal". Needless to say, the cash desperation in the seller puts a lot of power in the pawnshop owner and they take advantage of it. This is not a bad thing, it's what keeps them in business. It's also an interesting take on the "liquidity" (popularity) of an asset. We buy and sell lots of guitars so we have a good take on the market. But we don't see many Antarctic survey markers so that's a tougher sell.

Which brings me to "Top Shot". Like many others, I'm pulling for the "local guy" (in a web sense) Caleb. Quite frankly I'm disappointed. To quote a friend speaking of a different subject "Four hours of material jam packed into three days of classes".

Show opens with The team challenge which is complete by 25 minutes after the hour. Break for 5-7 minutes of commercials. The loser team voting took another 10-12 minutes (yawn), break for another 5-7 minutes of commercials, then another 5-8 practicing with the elimination rifle. Winding up with the actual elimination round... and then a goodbye round (double yawn).

Ok, here's what I wished to see... more details on the weapons. Make me smarter while you're at it! Who used it, when and how? what about the sighting systems & the ammunition? What about the difficulties of a long range shot? What makes it better than the previous weapon? The winner talks about aiming 1 1/2 feet left of the target and missing, then immediately deciding the windage was not enough smokes the second target. Nice, but tell me something about how much the wind affects a shot.

Yea, I'm in for the duration if for no other reason than to pull for Caleb and the other NRA guy, but less than enthusiastic. I give the opening a 6 on a 10 point scale.

05 June 2010

May ePostal Results

Sorry for the delay... I've been trying to get this formatted appropriately for the page.

Anyway, good shooting everyone. Thanks for the entries. I was especially happy to see the tight grouping of scores in the Class 1. Just 10 points cover positions 4 through 8.

The June contest is now up at Random Nuclear Strikes.

Much Better!SailorCurt diagnosed the problem. I owe you an ale!

May 2010 ePostal “Throwing Darts” results

Class 0 – Airgun

no entries

Class 1 – Rimfire Pistol, iron sights

1Ol' Rich in Central VAStock S&W Model 41313
2Engineering JohnsonRuger Single Six213
3 BillllRuger Mk 1206
4Leon (France)Walther P22189
5Justin R.Ruger Single Six1881st Time Shooter
6DannoRuger .22/45183
7PaulaRuger Mk 1182
8TrueBlueSam Ruger Single Six179
9Mrs TBSRuger Single Six156
10Mr. CompletelyJennings J2287
11DannoRuger Single Six61
12Mr. CCBCCRuger Single Six45

Class 2 – Rimfire Pistol, Optic sights

1Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard w/home made 12"barrel
Leupold Scope
2EJRuger Mk III with optics220
3Mariner1460Buckmark Pistol, RedDot scope164
4MerleRuger Mk 2, Tasco rifle scope110

Class 3 – Centerfire pistol, iron sights

1Ol' Rich in Central VAGlock 34 9MM281
2MerleRuger Speed Six213
3MerleEnfield No.2 British Revolver205
5MerleS&W M3913LS176
6MerleCz-82 (9mm Mak)176
7DannoTaurus PT-92149
8Todd L.Colt Series 70 45ACP116

Class 4 – Centerfire pistol, optic sights

1Todd L. 40 Cal. Glock 22 with match barrel and
JPoint sight

Class 5 – Rimfire Rifle, Iron sights

1DannoSchultz & Larsen .22185
2Mariner1460Ruger 10/22148

Class 6 – Rimfire Rifle, Optic sights

1EJSavage Mark II with optics/Wolf match ammo252
2Leon (France)Cz452 Varmint w/optic (25M)219
3Ol' Rich in Central VACustom Build 22LR - Volquartsen Receiver, Tactical Solutions match barrel, Leupold VX-3, 6.5 - 20 x 40mm204

Class 7 – Centerfire Rifle, Iron sights

no entries

Class 8 – Centerfire Rifle, Optic sights

1Ol' Rich in Central VACustom Build AR style Rifle, Remington 6.8mm SPC with Schmidt Bender 5 - 25 X 56 Scope170

Class 9 – other

1Leon (France)Cz452 Varmint w/optic & BiPod (25M)355
2Mr. CCBCCSchultz & Larsen .22, bench183
3Danno .30 carbine, 4x scope @ 25 yds, bench163
4SonOfMariner1460Marlin 15YN, Iron sights, 25 yds, off bench159
5SonOfMariner1460Ruger 10/22, Iron sights, 25 yards off bench133