28 June 2011

The 'Nuge is coming to KFYI

Mike Broomhead (KFYI 4-7pm) will turn over the microphone host Ted Nugent from 5-6pm tonight. You can listen here or get the video here.

Should be an entertaining hour.

KFYI typically makes the show archives available on line.  I'll post the link when it's up here.

27 June 2011

Easy hint to sales droids...

If you promise a quick stop "just to measure" (after you've already seen other vendor's site measurements) and schedule it for 6pm (around these parts we call it "dinner time"), and then stay until "prime time", don't be surprised when you get a cold response from the person that will eventually write the check.

Think about this for a second... It's her project but I'm the one that gonna write the check. If I introduce myself as "starving" you damn well better hightail it and don't be offended by the slammed door on your way out. You should have GTFO at least 30 mins ago.

But we are a team and she drives a hard bargain. Let me school you in on the obvious. She's already over budget (waaaay over budget) and you're standing between me and dinner. I can work the budget issue, but there is no negotiating with dinner time. That's a bad place to be. '

You should have recognized this when you walked in the door. Yea... you overstayed your welcome. A lot.

If it were my deal, My answer would be:

You caused an awful lot of marital discord tonight. This is not a good business plan.

Hope you're happy.

25 June 2011

Miata Bleg...

Has anyone replaced the top on a Miata? I'm about to embark on the process and consumed all the info.net I can find on how to do it. The new top is on site and before starting to remove the old top, I've been walking through the process. First thing I noticed is that the cables are broken.

Does anyone know if these are available locally in the Phoenix area? All the internet sources seem to be on the east coast and UPS shipping the top from NC took a full 7 calendar days. I really want to get this project going and I don't want to spend stupid amounts on fast shipping.

I really rather drive somewhere close and pick them up.

17 June 2011

Wish I were there...

The SandCastleSon's Bday was last month.  Today Grandpa is giving him his present: his first actual flight lesson.  He's flown with me his entire life but I'm not a CFI.  Today he received his own logbook and will log his first hour with an actual instructor.  I wish I were there to see it.

Stay tuned for pictures.

Update: [from the comments]  The SandCastle Son has his impressions posted up at his blog here.

15 June 2011

One down, two to go...


Nevada will soon recognize AZ CCW permits!

The SandCastle Queen and I obtained our CCW permits not only to carry concealed in our own state, but for the additional states allowed by reciprocity.  Unfortunately most of our adjacent states (CA, NV, NM) did not recognize the AZ permit.  But two of the three recognized the Utah permit.  However both dropped reciprocity almost simultaneously with the SCQueen and I receiving our permits.  Drat.

But it looks like Nevada is back!, at least starting the bottom half of the year.  Woot!  I presume cooler heads prevailed.

(NM, you're next and CA, one way or another, your days of denying the inherent human right of self defense by the best means available are numbered as well!)

14 June 2011

Talk Radio Gunnie Style

Checking NBC1260 (KBSZ)'s website, I see not only does David Codrea have an hour each weekday morning, they also carry Tom Gresham's GunTalk in real time Sundays 11-2PM and replays again at 6-9PM.

The schedule also shows gun talk at 6-7AM week days.  The picture included shows Tom Gresham so presumably they rerun the Sunday show an hour at a time.  But I'll never know because I'm not generally conscious at that hour.

The 1260AM transmitter is in Apache Junction (35miles east of Phoenix.  The daytime coverage map shows at least "fringe" daytime coverage over the greater phoenix area and surrounding communities.   They also simulcast on 96.1 FM, suggesting a cleaner signal for those closer in.

Thank you NBC1260 for bringing Gun Talk and the War On Guns to the airwaves!

12 June 2011

WOG comes to Phoenix!

Now that is cool.  David Codrea is bringing War on Guns to the Phoenix airwaves.
Scottsdale-based radio station KBSZ 1260’s new program, “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” debuts on June 13 in the 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. time slot to provide a much-needed voice to counter and refute those who demand citizen disarmament, and to argue instead for freedom.
More here.  I'll be tuning in!  If I read it right, it's also simulcast on 96.1 FM.

11 June 2011

My Story

... Jennifer asks how I became a gunnie.

I wanted to learn to shoot as far back as I can remember, but grew up in suburban California where no one had guns or talked about shooting.  Mom was hoplophobic as Sarah Brady herself.  We weren't even allowed cap guns as kids and water guns were only barely tolerated.

First chance to shoot came at boyscout camp.  We had our choice of "classes" to take and once I'd heard shooting was available, I knew that was the one for me.  I don't recall  it being a particularly positive experience.   I suspect that was more due to the fact that shooting is not something mastered in a five day course than anything about their program (However shooting was supposed to also be available during "free time" and it wasn't.

Circa 1975 I took NRA hunter safety as an elective in grade school, from a teacher I absolutely loathed.  He had been my 6th grade teacher and we did not get along.  But I took it because the carrot, getting to shoot at the end of the class, was worth putting up with him.*  So I went through the class, learned a lot and never got to shoot.  They tried a couple times for a range day but each was rained out and finally gave up.

The desire to learn pretty much died out for many years through high school and college.  This was California and as far as I knew, guns were illegal here.  I shot archery in college (25# recurve bow), wishing it were guns. It was fun and I did well enough that I was frequently shooting the  nocks off my arrows Robin Hood style.

Following college and starting a career, I soon landed in the Free state of Arizona.  Some co-workers discussed going out into the desert to shoot over lunch one day and they invited me to tag along.  Years of pent up desire came flooding back and I soon placed an order with my friendly local FFL and bought my first gun.  And joined the NRA. Then followed another purchase, and another, etc...

Learned my fiancĂ©e (now wife) liked to shoot.  Her grandmother was an Annie-Oakley style sharp shooter.  Family heirlooms include a collection of plugged nickels that were shot out of the air.

Since then we have acquired a good sized safe and filled it.  Handguns, rifles, shotguns.  I learned about the CMP and quickly decided the Garand deal wasn't going to last forever.  I bought one for me and one for the SCSon.  Then an M1 Carbine.  Then I learned IBM made some carbines and scored one of their precious few (I'm a geek, had to have one).   I hadn't really considered a Mosin Nagant, but the SCSon developed an interest via one of his video games.  The store up on the hill had them for less than a C-note so "heck why not?"  BVTW, the only regrets buying guns are the ones I passed on and should have bought.  I actively avoid looking at the Aim Surplus website because I too frequently find stuff I want to buy.  The SandCastle Queen kinda now gives me that "numb" look when I tell her I bought another gun, you know, kinda like Ferdinand Marcos when Imelda announced she bought another dozen pairs of shoes.

We have a couple of her grandfather's rifles here in protective custody after the SandCastle Queen found them in a shed suffering from exposure. We also have my dad's gun which he got when he was twelve.  It was in my grandmother's closet (recall mom hated guns).  I took both he and the gun on a range trip.  Near as we can tell, he hadn't picked up that gun in 55 years nor fired a shot in the last 50, yet he hit a 2" swinger at 50 yards on the first shot.  Apparently he remembered the sight picture.

I have taught the family that these guns are family heirlooms not to be sold, traded or surrendered.  Nothing would make me happier than to see these handed down 10 generations from now.  Nothing would break my heart more than to see a relative take one to a pawn shop to see what they can get for it.  I didn't buy these so you could sell them to a pawn shop for 30 cents on the dollar.  These are your birthright and yours to exercise your second amendment rights.   I will come back to haunt anyone that pisses that away.

A decade ago the inescapable logic of "911 won't save you but 1911 can", "When seconds count, police are minutes away", etc.  Now both the SandCastle Queen and I both have multiple CCW permits.  I hope I never have to use it, but I don't go to an ATM without a gun.  (Not that we need the permit as AZ now has constitutional carry but the permit lets us carry in about 35 other states).

We have lots of fun with shooting.  We shoot Mr. Completely's ePostal match (and currently host the May match).  We shoot a local fun steel match.  I've shot a high power match, and the SCSon shoots Olympic 4 position small bore with the clubs junior smallbore division , a program I would have loved to participate in when I was a teen.  I'm looking forward to shooting the clubs pistol caliber carbine match.  One of the few items left on my "to-do this life" list (AKA bucket list) is to shoot a high power match at Camp Perry.  I won't make it this year, but I'm aiming for 2012.

* in hindsight, I shouldn't be too hard on the guy.  He taught NRA hunter safety in a California public school and wasn't charged with a felony for bringing a gun on to school grounds.  That included him bringing his 30.06 deer rifle into class, demonstrated cleaning the rifle and letting us learn the sights.  But that's how I felt at the time.

05 June 2011

May ePostal "Necco Mania!" results

Here are the results for the May 2011 ePostal match. Thank you to all that participated!

Shooter Distance Make Caliber Score Notes
Class 1 air pistol Iron Sights

Mr. Borland 7yds IZH 46M 0.177 19 Perfect!

Danno 7yds Crosman 1377 0.177 5

Bea 21 ft Crosman 1377 0.177 4

Class 3 Rim Fire Iron Sights

Bill Llewellen 7yd Ruger Mk I .22LR 16

Mr. Completely 25ft Hi Standard Supermatic Citation 106 .22LR 13

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Mk III .22LR 7

True Blue Sam 7yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 7

Danno 11yd Ruger .22/45 .22LR 6 Tie broken by distance

Engineering Johnson 21 ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 6

Danno 11yd Ruger Single Six .22LR 5 Tie broken by distance

Thor 7M Sig Sauer Mosquito .22LR 5

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Mk III .22LR 4

Mrs. TrueBlueSam 21ft Ruger Single Six .22LR 4

SCSon 11YD Ruger Single Six .22LR 1 Age 12

Class 5 Centerfire Pistol, Iron Sights

Thor 7M Springfield XD 9mm 11

Thor 7M Springfield XD .45 ACP 5

Class 8 Rimfire Rifle Optic

Danno 25YD Ruger 10/22 .22LR 10

Class 11 Other

SCSon 25YD M1 Carbine .30 Carbine 6 4x scope off the bench

Class 12 Low Ball

Danno 11YD S&W 629 .44 Magnum 1

Normally I don't call a winner.  We had real good entries from the usual suspects,  Billl turned in a 16 and Mr. C forgot his holdover a couple times to score "only" 13.   However Mr Borland turned in a perfect target.  19 shots, 19 targets hit.  Didn't even need the free miss.  I politely inquired about if he'd followed the course of fire.
I confess to having shot it 2-handed. 10m purists would wrench their garments at the sight, so, for them, I shot a second target 1-handed. I pulled one shot a bit and used all 20 pellets. I didn't see any style points being awarded - I figured a 19/19 beats a 19/20, so in it went. 
Nope, no style points.  But I guess if you've spent a significant amount of time shooting air pistol at 10M, shooting 1" dots at 7yds is child's play.   Great Shooting Mr. Borland!  Thanks for entering the match.  Here's the perfect target:

Finally, "Getting Schooled" is up over at Random Nuclear Strikes.

03 June 2011

Security Theater...

First off, please understand I absolutely *loathe* what airline travel has become.  Our general feeling is if we can't fly ourself, we're not going.  Unfortunately the DayJob(tm) has a policy against me flying myself on company business.  I can usually evade airline travel requests with a simple "I don't have a passport".  Unfortunately that excuse failed with a request to visit a California customer. I strenuously objected "Yea they might technically be one of the 57  states, they are in reality a foreign country and I don't have a passport, let alone a visa.  Heck I even doubt my shots are up to date for a visit."  The weren't buying it and unfortunately I am (Tix that is)...

Outbound leg: 20 minutes in the 'theater queue and finally at the front of the line.  TSA'droid finishes with her previous priority pax and tells me to hold "I don't have a line to send you to".  I politely inquire about line "n" which seems to have a reasonably short line.  "Oh no... that line is too long too."

A millesecond later the 'droid next to her becons.  He scans my details and promptly sends me on to the very same line "n" I previously inquired about.   The lips vigorously struggle to contain the tongue as it struggles to erupt and point in the first 'droids general direction.    Happily it seems to be the one line where the virtual voyeurs are on break.  So no "harmless" (mostly) irradiation.

Meeting over and my exit visa came through to leave the PRC (Peoples Republic of California).  Rental car refueled and returned (another story in itself).  Across the street, up the escalators to enter the security zone; Shoes off, laptops (plural) in separate bins, along with shoes, glasses, coinage, etc.

Suddenly an alarm is called.   A couple minutes later even the TSA 'droids manning the gate are grousing about the drill.  "We already had a real event this morning, why do we need a drill now?"  Everyone is frozen in position and there is no commotion to suggest the event is real.  But the exit doors are closed and locked; the only thing moving here is the line and it's growing!  15 minutes later the all clear is called.  No sweat for me, I'd allowed for a long commute in from over the hill and traffic was lighter than expected.  Whatever//// just a couple fewer pages of Weston Ochse's "Empire of Salt" consumed before boarding (and it's really getting good).

Meanwhile I'd recognized one of the TSA 'droids manning my checkpoint. Last time through the same checkpoint he noted the (subdued) NRA logo on my bag and we got to talking about guns.   I reminded him of the conversation and he too remembered. The ensuing gunnie talk helps to pass the time.

BTW, I was happy to see the "irradiate me now" machines were closed and blocked off; Only the metalDetectors.std were in use. 

The freedom flight pushed back at the scheduled time, and between me and the guy on the aisle we managed to ward off a middle seater.  Not fighting over the armrest dramatically improves the quality of the flight.

So fifteen minutes of delay for everyone, for absolutely no return.   My only takeaway from this exercise is that the 'droids hearing the initial SOS call is 100% functional today.  You're welcome for the 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Gawd I hate what airline travel has become...