18 November 2019

Ford v. Ferrari

On the scale of "things I'd rather not subject myself to" goes kinda like this:
  1. Getting sent to Jail/Prison
  2. Taking an airline flight
  3. Seeing to a movie in a theater.
  4. Thanksgiving with (some) inlaws.
Between the high gate price ($9 matinee), and absurd concessions ($6 soda) and insufferable premiers (25 minutes),  I cannot recall my last visit to the theater prior to today.  It was probably a Thunderbirds matinee with the SCSon when he was maybe 5.  I seem to recall between tickets and a shared soda there was precious little left of my $20 bill.   Today I'll add, don't even think about interacting with a live body, or paying cash for anything!  It's all done on kiosks via credit cards.  Thanks $15/hr minimum wage!

Ok, the movie is a retelling of a historic event, like Titanic and Apollo 13.  We know how the story ends before entering the theater.  I love motor racing, and in my book road racing is only 2nd to air racing, an Le Mans is the pinnacle of the sport.  But this story predates my interest so it was mostly new to me.  And I guarantee the SCSon knew nothing about it that wasn't in the previews.

*spoiler alert *

Like Apollo 13, they likely had to condense some of the drama.  I understand the bit about the overheating brakes was a bonifide issue and is in fact the reason they failed in their first attempts at the race.  I'm curious about the Carroll Shelby betting his company on his driver.  Did that really happen?

* end spoiler *

Ford v. Ferrari seemed a story worthy of putting up with the "theater experience".  Between the really nice seats (Recliners) and no sticky floors.  Perhaps the revamped venue is worth the $9 *MATINEE* price.  But there is no justification to a $6 soda!  We didn't buy popcorn, but I vaguely recall noting a tub cost $8!

Really theater owners?  You might as well be telling me " you can come, but it's gonna cost ya! And you have to do it my way (no cash!)"  Let me be blunt: The product you're selling just isn't worth it.  I give you Exhibit A (Charlie's Angels).
Sayonara! A single ticket + soda costs more than the DVD on release day 1.   I can't imagine what story would ever entice me to return!

I will also add,  it appears part of the movie was shot on closed runways @ LAX.  As a pilot, I have a strong belief that *airports* are for *airplanes*.   They are specifically not places to be closed off as movie sets or makeshift racetracks! (but kudos to the producers to understanding the lighted X's to close the runway)  And IANAL but my understanding is FAA grants require same-same.   Could also be CGI...  If so, good on ya.  Ya done good!

11 November 2019

Don Jr book signing

Donald Trump Jr. was nearby to sign his book at a local costco.  The SCQueen & a sister escorted the SCMIL (mother in law) to get a signed book.  It's fall here in the desert but temps are still on the upper side of the 80's and that sun is brutal as ever.

The SandCastle Queen reports the line was extremely deferential to the SCMIL and kept pushing her forward in the line to keep her out of the sun.   At one point the SCQueen told her mom, stand here and I'll go get our chairs.  Another person in line wouldn't hear of it and said "No, you will sit here (his chair)" while you wait!

In short order Costco employees noticed the white hair and escorted her inside to wait in the AC.  The SCQueen waited outside and offered to take charge of the other guy's chairs while he went through the line to get a book.  He said "eh, they're only $20 chairs.  If they are not here when we emerge, no big deal"

He was surprised to find the SCQueen with his chairs!

They met a lot of good people in the line!  And good on all those that took care to see a 90+YO didn't spend too much time in the sun.  And the SCMIL got a signed book ;-)

03 November 2019

Last shot of the day

Yea... an out of battery discharge.

I knew sumthin wasn't right upon firing the shot.  Clearly the forward half of the case was supported by the chamber while the aft half wasn't.   Probably lucky for me, it blew down where I only suffered superficial wounds,  Even if it had gone up instead of down, I wore full Z87 rated safety glasses. so I'd probably mostly be ok..

The rifle is a 9mm AR-15 carbine, because I received a Midway USA offer on a 9mm upper I could not refuse (Thanks Larry!).

I'm frankly surprised it would send the firing pin forward this far out of battery.  I seem to recall a similar situation with an .223 AR-15 where it would not fire if the bolt wasn't locked up.

This particular rifle seems to be of "blowback" design.  Which given the loads I use (7.1 gr AA #7), ample powder ends up back in the shooters face and into the action.

It also seemed to foul the action.    Time to clean the rifle and try again..  But maybe with leather gloves ;-)