31 January 2012

Surrender Start

Not a DGC addition, but when a guy attempted to rob a smoke shop, the only thing he got for free was a bullet.

Still I love a story with a happy ending.  Good guy unhurt.  Bad guy receives some negative feedback on his activities.

25 January 2012

Brewer for President!

One of the worst things that happened in 2008 was Obama's election.

One of the best things that happened to Arizona in 2008 was Governor Napolitano resignation to go work for the Obama administration.  Secretary of State Jan Brewer then became Governor.

That set up what happened today:  If you haven't seen this picture, do so now!

Brewer  2012!


The SCSon and I meet with a local electronics group on tuesday nights.  Mostly we do radio stuff.  Tonight a member brought in an original 1981 IBM PC complete with the original green text monitor and keyboard (that should be registered with police as a lethal weapon.)

The PC power plug needed some attention and then some .  Once attended to, it eventually booted to some form of BASIC.  I suggested the operator demonstrate "Hello world" circa 1976:   Program it to count from 1 to 10.

"Those neurons have long since past"

I step up and carefully typed:

10 for i = 1 to 10
20 print i
30 next i

Those three lines were Greek to most present!




You probably heard the cheers when they got the 2.5MB hard drive to boot to DOS!

Heh... playing with stuff that rightfully belongs in a museum.  Does life get any better.  Anyone know where I can sit down at an ENIAC?  or perhaps a CRAY?  Mebbe I'll bring an Atari 800 (+games) next week!  48KB & maxed out, yeah!

Geekery 4eva!

08 January 2012

Hers and His

Cz-82 & S&W 629.  24 rounds of 9mm x 18 plus 18 rounds of 240gr JHP .44 at +1400fps.  Hers and His.  (

This is our observation of the Tucson shootings of this date and the candle light memorials offered by the anti-gunners.  We at the SandCastle instead observe with regret there wasn't a carrier or three to stop the shooter long before the before many shots were fired.  These events rarely stop until someone with a gun arrives.

This case is a little different in that he was tackled while changing magazines.  Good on those that acted rather than cowering in fear waiting to be shot.  Still a carrier could have stopped it before half a dozen rounds were fired saving an awful lot of pain and death.

H/T Weerd Beard

01 January 2012

Gotta love Arizona in the Winter!

Summers are hot as Hades around these parts, but Winter really makes up for it.

It's New Year's Day.  I was out, about and running around today in the Miata....
... with the top down!

Temps today reached 79F without a cloud in the sky.  

Happy New Year!

(on the downside, I just got off the phone with my credit card's Fraud department.  They tell us we won't be responsible for the charges).