30 September 2012

Road Trip!

As previously noted, Saturday was our local FoNRA dinner.

One of the games they play are the bucket raffles.  We had lots of tickets and dropped them in many buckets.  Usually we do reasonably well, but tonight another table claimed most of the prizes.  NBD, this is a fundraiser after all.  And if he bought more chances than we did, so be it.

My one claim from the bucket raffles was a LaserLyte bore sighter + gift cert to a "nearby" steakhouse.  Now we live in the opposite direction so it's a hike.  Still today was a lazy afternoon, perfect for a road trip!

Lunch for the three of us neatly consumed the gift card, plus a few $$ for the tip.  The chef even neatly divided the two lunches over three plates (we share).  I put that into the "over and above" category of service.

Following lunch we made a side trip to a almost-but-not-quite local Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.  It's a bit off the beaten path which explains why we haven't dropped by before.

Apparently this was the very first National monument.   Which means though I'd been carrying all day, I had to disarm to visit the monument. 

We RTB'd via the backroads instead of the interstate.

So a friends of NRA dinner led to an unplanned visit to the first National Monument. Didn't see that coming!

Embarrasment of riches

Optic riches that is....

A very nice Leupold VX2 scope followed me home from GBR VII (I know, I am delinquent with a post with pics).

And as the Smallest Conservative noted, last night was our local Friends of NRA dinner  (He took more pictures than I did).  A Brunton 3.5-10x50 scope and Sightmark reflex optic both found new homes in the SandCastle armory. 

Now to figure out what to slide underneath these three optics.  I think a certain deer rifle currently fitted with a fixed 4x scope will get the Leupold upgrade, and my 10-22 will get an upgrade with the Brunton scope.

The only thing I have with a rails is the Hi-Point Carbine so the Sightmark optic will likely land there for a while.  I guess I'm a little perplexed by the sight.  It includes both a holographic sight and a laser sight.  I can see the need for one or the other but not both at the same time.  I like laser sights as an addition to iron sights, but in addition to a holo-sight?  I don't get it.  (But I'm willing to learn if anyone has a theory).  OTOH, this fits the definition of a "perfect" gift which is something I would like but never buy for myself.

Side note on Hi-Point.  They were *very* generous with nicely, dare I say extravagantly, embroidered hats to GBR VII.  They are embroidered front, back (2x), both sides and the brim.  It was my first choice at the prize table but by the end I had more than I could ever wear.  I took a handful to the NRA dinner to donate as prizes.  I brought home the donation form, but it really should go to Hi-Point!

There may be some handmedown action with the scopes currently on these rifles finding new homes on current iron sighted weapons.

An embarrasment of optic riches....
... is a good thing, particularly with my aging eyes.

11 September 2012


What a weekend!

Friday's range day followed an NRA sponsored breakfast.  was a lot of fun, even if a bit windy.  I traded shots with several other participants including a certain Top Shot season winner and genuinely nice guy.

A favorite was trading shots with fellow 10/.22 shooters. 10/.22 rifles are like snowflakes, no two are alike.  I tried a hammer forged bull-barreled ith iron sights(Alternate title, "there are many like it but this one is mine").  There were others as well, on average probably one on every other bench.
Note to self - next time collect all the 10/.22 owners & rifles for a class pic.

Joe "Boomershoot" Huffman sighted in his Rem 700 in .300 Win Mag and was quickly ringing the steel at all ranges with the help of his phone app.  He then  generously offered the trigger to anyone that wanted to try.  I say "generously" because each round is likely in the $2-3 range.  The rifle also sports a muzzle brake producing a surprisingly felt recoil, no worse than an M1-Garand in .30-06.  Note to self - get a muzzle brake!  (installed)

I made it down for Breakfast Saturday sponsored by GunBroker.com.    These people know us and what we like on the menu.  Well done and little wasted!  But I didn't feel entirely well and opted to take a nap rather than head out for Steel-Challenge.  Thought I'd nap a couple hours then get up and be productive.  Five hours later I woke up.  Well I guess I needed that.  Met back up with the group for dinner and beyond.

Sunday we joined the group for breakfast then headed out to the airport to head home, skipping the Cowboy action shoot.  The flight home again was mostly uneventful.  We had adverse winds and had to dodge several rain shafts but made it back to SandCastle muni before storms closed the route.

I'll have more to add as well as pictures... stay tuned!

06 September 2012

Wheels down @ GBR VII

A stake was hammered in the ground several months back.   Your humble host brushed the issue the costs of attending GBR aside and bellowed "I AM GOING THIS YEAR".  TSM Kevin heard my bellow and the offer of a 3-ish hour trip instead of a 15 hour drive  sounded like a good deal.

We fired up the #1 engine at 10:27 local and shut them down 3:26 later on the ramp at Carson City.  (note flight time is not the same as engine time.  Engine time includes taxi time at each end while flight time if from take off to landing.)

A frequent question following any flight is "So, how was the flight?"
The best answer is "uneventful" and most of the time, flying in the desert SouthWest, "uneventful" is appropriate.  But here at the tail end of thunderstorm season, the forecast for "ISOL -SHRA" to "WDLY SCT -SHRA/-TSRA" (isolated light rain showers to widely scattered light rain showers.-light thunderstorms and rain).  The key words there are "isolated" and "widely scattered".  I read that to mean "I can fly around them".  The plan was to fly up late morning and complete the flight before the afternoon thunderstorms fire off.

So the flight was "eventful" in an expected exercise of constant weather evaluation and plan B re-evaluation.    The plane got a couple light rain washes on the way up, enough to clean the dust but not the bugs.  Perhaps we should call this "safe, within expected paramters".

Dinner was a nice buffet with several people that will soon migrate to the "blogger's I have met" column.  I sense this will be a bad week for the diet.

Range day tomorrow, Wish you were here!

PS..  Thanks to Boomershoot Joe for test driving the QR code on the card.