31 May 2011

Closing Time!

May is in the rear view mirrors and so ends Necco Mania!  The DayJob(tm) has me on a plane at OMG-darkthirty tomorrow so I'll take scores through the end of the week.  Don't wait, lets get 'em in!

Random Nuclear Strikes is on deck but hasn't posted yet.  Stay tuned over there, something will be posted soon. (I like the OBL - zombie edition suggestion ;-).

29 May 2011

Blog roll addition

Airplanes and guns.  That's the same combination that drives me so how could I not add All Nine Yards to the roll?

(HT via Robb).

26 May 2011

Last Call!

The May ePostal contest ends next week so this is your last weekend chance to shoot Necco Mania!

If you're heading out with the family, take some targets and enter the whole family! Don't worry if they can't quite shoot the match as called, enter the target and we'll find a place to record the score.

And don't forget the low-ball class. Send in your worst target even if is from the same gun as entered in a previous category.

20 May 2011

nicely done...

Heh.  The SandCastle Queen just left one of these on the on the neighbor's door.

(HT Capitalist Pig via fb)

We use term "abducted by aliens" at the dayjob to describe someone who has been let go for some reason*.  They are seemingly there one day and gone the next, their entire physical existence within the company scrubbed.  We may need to update that to "raptured".

16 May 2011

ePostal class 12 entry

I spent a pleasant shooty afternoon last Saturday.  First was a trip to the range to give "reactive targets" a go. Followed by an evening of sniffing of Hoppes #9 cleaning the guns and finally reloading the .44 brass.

One of the guns I brought to shoot was this years BAG day acquisition, a S&W 629 in .44 magnum.  I figured the large diameter bullets making the effective target size a little larger would compensate for the magnum recoil.  Turns out not so much.

20 rounds down range, 15 hit the hit the 8.5x11" sheet of paper and exactly one clipped a target circle.

In my defense, this was shot at 11 yards (minimum distance the club allows), and this gun is the newest addition to the SandCastle weapons locker.  Even after the 20 rounds for the target, I have less than 50 rounds through it.

Still, this is why the class exists.  Sorry to set the bar so low ;-)