26 June 2014

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

I saw this story on the news but didn't catch the fatal (and thus qualifying) nature of the response.
The shop proprietor is a former LEO and former Secret Service, but it appears Pennsylvania is shall issue and thus she wasn't using any special "only-one" privilege to carry at work, thus it qualifies.

In this case the bad guy depended on encountering a unarmed cashier and expected no resistance.

Bad assessment, you lose.

DGC: 487

21 June 2014

Achievement Unlocked

No, not me, but the SandCastle Son.  The small blob near the top of the frame below and tracked by eight 12 gauge shotguns at the bottom of the frame is the SCSon's hat.  
Photo credit to the pink hatted shooter's mom.
A tradition among the Scholastic Clay Target Program* is to shoot the hat the first time a shooter scores a perfect round of Trap.  (Normally they let the shooter take if off first).  

Some come down full of ragged holes and in need of repair before wearing.  One young man showed me his with shot pellets still under the fabric of the bill.  These shot up hats are worn as badges of honor at tournaments.  Here's the hat after the event:
This is the SCon's hat.  There are many like it but this one is his.

With 8 shooters, you'd hope for more than just one solid hit but that's about all that scored.   Then again,  shooter's are used to tracking a target.  The first shooter to connect interrupts that tracking.  It's likely the first shot spoiled the tracking of the next 7 shooters.  Such is the game.  

Dang!  I wish I'd brought a shotty along for this one event.  Called it last year and now, sigh, moment passed.

Starting this season back in September 2013, The SCSon voiced his goal this year was" to shoot his hat".  Today was the day!  Congratulation bud!  You earned it!

* The tradition probably has other roots as well but that's where we learned of it

15 June 2014

Adrenaline Dump

It's a peaceful Sunday PM.  I've been plowing through the piles that have accumulated on my desk. [insert picture of waste basket full of junk mail]  Came across both the 2013-2014, and 2014-2015 insurance id cards required by the state.  I heard a couple car doors slam shut out front followed by a loud banging on the security door.

I've heard this before, like when the SandCastle Queen went out for a walk with the dog, then I walked by the door and noticed the dead bolt wasn't (and so I did).  But a mental check suggested this wasn't the case.  It's 10:45 PM local.  The SCSon headed to open the door.  I told him to stop and let me verify.

Turns out it was City PD (CPD) come to discuss a concern the SCQueen raised in an email several weeks ago!  The email regarded undesirable activities in a community park nearby and requested \CPD support in the form of a occasional drive by using the searchlight to look for people in the park after hours.

The SCQueen went out to discuss the issue with them.  They had a long list of excuses for why it wasn't their job (they always do).  She came back pissed (I don't blame her).  Antis are always saying "just call 911", yet here we have CPD all to often saying "not our job"

After action review, some stuff went well, some we could have done better:
What went well:  SCSon did not immediately answer the door.
What could have gone better: I should have asked "wait a minute.  do I understand you are banging on my door at a quarter to eleven to discuss a non emergency email sent weeks ago"?   Really?

Also I should have called 911 to verify the guys were indeed CPD before opening the door.  Finally, CPD could have been "professional" about this non-emergency issue and dealt with it during normal working hours.  Banging on the door at 10:45 rings of harassment.

I regret I didn't immediately explain to them that this is not the time for this conversation, the SCQueen is asleep and would love to talk to you during normal business hours tomorrow, come back tomorrow.  Thank you for stopping by.  (but by then she was awake and on site).

Adrenaline dumped.... none of us will be getting any sleep anytime soon.  :-(

11 June 2014

East Ohio DGC

Prolific DGC contributor Ed found this from East Ohio.   It's a month old, but a check back on Misfires & Light strikes found it hadn't been counted yet.  It's a month old because Ed took the time to verify the actual good guy and bad guy and that charges have not been filed against the good guy.
Coroner: Warren burglary suspect died of gunshot wound to the chest
It's sad the now dead bad guy was only 17.  But approaching a house not your own with a gun at ready is a risky bet, and I'm glad he lost this one.

Ohio has Castle Doctrine which protects an owner inside the house (2901.05 & 2901.09), but they have not yet passed Stand Your Ground.  I want say more, but that heads off into the realm of speculation, and that wouldn't be right.

For now I'm happy the good guy had his own gun when confronted by the bad guy with his gun.

Thanks Ed, keep 'em coming!

DGC: 486

10 June 2014

DGC St. Louis Style

I think the headline says it all:
Dad shoots, kills man who held a gun to teen daughter's head
Dad sees his daughter approaching the house with two guys and a gun to her head.  Both mom & dad grab guns and open fire.  One dead, one critical.

File this under no brainer.  Put a gun to the head of any of my loved ones  and you are betting your breathing privileges.  Well done mom & dad.

In most of the US this is a million to one scenario.  Maybe a billion to one.  But is it something to consider.

DGC: 485

Via ExKevin. Ex in so many ways:  ex-neighbor, ex-blogger, ex-home of the DGC count, but still a good friend.