16 August 2008

RCBS - Great service!

Shortly after beginning reloading, it quickly became obvious I needed a way to undo mistakes. A bullet puller was a "need" not just a want.

So I included a RCBS puller with my next Midway order and for the next three months I was happily undo-ing my mistakes.

But one day I was pulling a .30 cal carbine bullet. The last smack dislodged the bullet but also sheared the plastic nut in half. The bullet, chuck assembly and case flew across the garage but were recovered undamaged. It's possible this is user error. I may not have snugged the nut down completely before starting a-whacking. Thus instead of spreading the impact evenly, it may have been concentrated in one spot allowing the break.

I tried to repair the nut using super glue and epoxy but neither held through more than 2-3 bullets.

This week while placing another order with Midway, I specifically phoned in the order instead of placing it online so I could inquire about replacement parts. Jessica searched her systems and advised replacement chuck assemblies are available, but the nut is not. (Hint to RCBS, if the part were available for a reasonable price, say under a dollar, I'd have just bought another or 5 and considered it a consumable item.) Jessica suggest calling RCBS direct. (Hey, why didn't I think of that two months ago?)

Calling RCBS, I didn't get out much more than "I have one of your pullers. The plastic nut broke and I'd like to get another one." She immediately came back asking for my mailing address. Wow! No game of "20 questions", no grief. Just "we'll send you a new one!".

This is a company that understands the big picture. The part itself probably only cost a penny or so to produce and another $1.34 to mail it to me. But that Buck thirty-five bought them a very positive customer perception and a leg up on future purchases. Lessee, I have immediate need of a case trimmer and a primer pocket stretcher. Those purchases are now more likely to be Green instead of Blue or Red.

That's what customer service should be!

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DJK said...

I have had similar customer service with them. And with Pachmyr, too.