11 June 2009

June ePostal match

I hit the range last weekend with the intent of shooting this month's ePostal match. Sebastian has come up with a creative contest involving airplanes. I'm gonna say +5 cool points for the creative contest with a cool theme! I had 10 targets printed out for the attempt.

On scene at the range I realized I didn't know how many shots were allowed on each target. I phoned home, but the SCQueen couldn't find the answer. I guessed 15 was allowed (that's all a past participant or two would need for a perfect score). I need all the help I can get. The correct answer is 25 *25* TWENTY FIVE SHOTS ARE ALLOWED on each target.

Here we have a good example of how not to shoot the match (as always, click on pic to enlargify). This target has has four hits on my plane and one enemy blimp so it would score a one. My 15 shots were aimed at the 4 targets above and 7 below my plane. NEVER at the planes between the wings... So even that one hit was just luck.

Ammo is scarce in on the shelves, but this is worthy of a digging into the reserves; surely better than just blasting holes in paper. This sucky target scored a 1. My best score on the first 10 tries was a 4. But I was only shooting 60% of the available trys and I never scored high enough that the penalties kicked in.

I'm gonna print out a dozen targets and try again this weekend with 25 shots on each. You should too!

BTW, as a tiebreaker, Sebastian could have asked for id's on the silhouettes used as targets. (Hint: Piper Cherokee:front quarter & top view, Cessna 210 (top & frontal view), Mooney (guess model 201) and I'm guessing the blimp is a Goodyear)

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

Manfred has posted the May results, and I was the comedy relief. Mr. C was superb. I am no threat again this month.