06 February 2010

Do you think

I could get away with covering my garage doors like this by sleeping with the HOA president*? Off the top of my head I can't think of any CC&R that it might violate. Though the general rule is that any changes visible from the street need approval of the Architectural Committee (and I'm sleeping with that committee too.*;-)

Click here to see more options.

However at $600+ for the three slot option it's fun to think about but far beyond my "would be fun" budget. Single slot entries run about $230 (still beyond what I'd be willing to pay)

Also, I'm a stickler for details... This doesn't quite look like any aeroplane that has ever flown. There haven't been many four engine transports. B707 and DC8 used straight turbojets not turbofans as these nacelles suggest. The fuse is too short for a B747. It's waaaaay to small to be an A340. There are probably some Russian models but those would be copies of western planes. Sorry, only place this has flown was on the graphic artists screen. The center section looks like a 737 while outer sections appear to be 747.

I'm thinkin' my good blogfriend True Blue Sam should negotiate some antique steam tractor images for something to hang on the barn doors. Hmmm an Su-27 would look nice. I like the old/new, Soviet/USA contradiction (what would the neighbors think?).

They'll also do custom designs for about $350 (Euro 259).

H/T Jon @ exurban League

* The SCQueen is both HOA president and the Architectural committee.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I checked the sight and watched part of the slide show. We are always taking in stray animals, so I kind of like the butt scooting elephant, but I don't think Mrs. TBS would approve.

danno said...

Heh... Hadn't seen the elephant. That might give the neighbors a start.

The SCQueen liked the idea but agreed it probably wouldn't fly with the Architectural Committee.