10 July 2010

Airport Blogging...

A customer decided my presence was required on site post haste. On the downside I loathe airline travel. But on the upside I'll escape the Phoenix heat for a couple days and get in a visit with the SCDad.

Item 1. Remember the 35 foot American flag painted along side the freeway, that CalTrans decided was "graffiti" and painted it over? I'm happy to report it is freshly repainted and surrounded by flags on poles at each corner. I really wish I had a camera to share the sight.

Item 2. TSA was a breeze. No lines, just walk up to the gate officer and then a pick of two scanning lines. I apparently chose poorly and won the random secondary security screening! It was quick and uneventful. I'm wearing a shorts and a T shirt. Not many places to hide anything.

Then one of the TSA guys spoke up saying "Hey you got the bag too!" (pointing ay my NRA "briefcase"). I mentioned I'd heard rumors of NRA members living in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia. He said there are about eight of them.. They have monthly meetings. We had a short chat as I collected my shoes & bags.

Item 3. File this under "Things I never knew and/or suspected". The SCDad shot at Camp Perry! He said it was an Army match in his ROTC days, probably 50-ish years ago. He mentioned even then it was hallowed ground. He asked if I'd ever shot there. "No but it's on my list of things to do this life". Note to self... make a plan and make it happen!

Looking forward to getting home and finding scope rings & bases in the mail.

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