21 October 2010

Will that apply to union T's as well?

So Coconino county has agreed to allow a Flagstaff woman to wear her TEA party T-shirt while voting. However the story at KFYI notes:
The injunction applies only in Coconino County. In Maricopa County*, elections director Karen Osborne says they will strictly enforce the "no electioneering" rule within 75 feet of all polling places. That includes t-shirts or buttons endorsing any candidate or party, whether it's a Democrat, Republican, independent, or tea party.

Asked about people who insist that the tea party isn't an official political party, Osborne says that doesn't matter: "They have many candidates that they're supporting. They have all the earmarks of a party except to be filed as one."

Wow... talk about the pot calling the kettle... and what an open invitation to a lawsuit.

The SCQueen worked the polls a while back.  While training warned over and over again not to discuss any issues or candidates on the ballot, they exposed their liberal biases at every turn.

With such a kind invitation to a lawsuit, what do you bet some fed up conservative out there dons a TEA party T shirt and heads to the polls with appropriate documentation equipment (such as MP3 recorder & video). Then waits in their car until someone walks up with a union T shirt. Then heads inside to cast their ballot. If they are denied the right to vote, question why the union T was allowed. Unions have candidates they are supporting too with millions of dues dollars paying for political ads, not just parties and rallies. Then walk away peaceably and file suit.

This isn't rocket science.  If I can envision this, you know a lot of others can too!

Bring popcorn! [I've already voted so I'm ineligible.]

* Maricopa county includes Phoenix and surrounding metro area.  It's 4M population is by far the lions share of Arizona's 6.6M population [US Census Bureau].  Probably 40% are registered Republican, likely a similar proportion of the "independents" also lean conservative.  That's 2Million give-or-take opportunities for this scenario to play out.  I'm pretty rusty on game theory but I'm thinking the needle here bends way close to "sure bet".

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