16 July 2011

The Undefeated

The SandCastle crew spent the afternoon enjoying AMC24's air conditioning and the Sarah Palin movie.  The story was interesting from the early days cleaning up the mayors office and taking on the Corrupt Bastards Club.  It nicely filled in the story I didn't know prior to her arrival on McCain's team.

By the end the audience was clapping at the applause lines in both Reagan's and Palin's speeches.  It was really a fun afternoon.

On the other hand, the cinematography is horrible and really made the movie unwatchable.  Many scenes are out of focus, as though they were filmed in closeup off a TV screen.  The talking head scenes are a blur of zoom in/zoom out, shift right & left, pop right & left, sepia tones, normal tones.  Some of the TEA party scenes are so shaky it almost had to have been done intentionally.  I assume it's supposed to make it "artsy" but...

Great Story, but visually unwatchable.

Run Sarah Run!

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