20 September 2011

Steel Meme

I'm in... Here's my daily carry:
That's a Victorinox on the keyring.  No I don't know which model.  These take a beating in my pocket.  I'm sure I could trade it in for new under warranty but I figure it's "cost of doing business".  I'm not sure the use of the hook or the 'drill' pointing south in the picture, but the corkscrew is top notch.  I have opened many bottles with the corkscrew and it's sure fire.

The blue knife is my Smith & Wesson.  It's made in China so don't be too impressed. IIRC it was about $12 at Big 5.  Straight blade on one side, serrated on the other.  It's solid enough that it's  the first knife I reach for and cheap enough to walk away from should I accidentally walk away from it.  There have been a couple scares already and it's cheap enough I can write it off without a lot of heart burn. 

BTW, Breda broaches the subject of cheap vs inexpensive.  When it comes to knives, it's the quality of the hinge.  If the blade wobbles, it's cheap.  If it's low cost and the blade is solid, it's inexpensive!  The S&W is inexpensive, but cheap enough that I won't lose any sleep if I lose it.

I carry the S&W in favor of other knives in the harem, including  an NRA blade picked up at last year's Friends of NRA dinner and several straight blades.

What's in your pocket?

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