08 January 2012

Hers and His

Cz-82 & S&W 629.  24 rounds of 9mm x 18 plus 18 rounds of 240gr JHP .44 at +1400fps.  Hers and His.  (

This is our observation of the Tucson shootings of this date and the candle light memorials offered by the anti-gunners.  We at the SandCastle instead observe with regret there wasn't a carrier or three to stop the shooter long before the before many shots were fired.  These events rarely stop until someone with a gun arrives.

This case is a little different in that he was tackled while changing magazines.  Good on those that acted rather than cowering in fear waiting to be shot.  Still a carrier could have stopped it before half a dozen rounds were fired saving an awful lot of pain and death.

H/T Weerd Beard


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