19 July 2012

Video, or it didn't happen!

Crimson Trace Midnight 3-gun.

(Seriously, I can't imagine a more phenomenal event. I mean, 3-gun is fun as all get out. But to do it on a no moon night with all the technology to light up the night, Over the top! Glad they grabbed a couple bloggers to attend.

Now the "failure" seems to be "Ok, how do you show this to the world?". I mean, you've come up with the coolest shooting event ever. Only problem is you can't share it with the anyone.

I have some ideas on how it could possibly done, but video is not a strong suit and I'm not up on the technology. Still it seems the technology that allows the shooter to see the target, could also be used to show the action.

Maybe they just could simplify the situation and incorporate some of Joe H's expertise with reactive targets! Keep 'em small and they won't affect the night vision (much ;-).

Again, video or it didn't happen!
(Wish I were there)

(And if there is video out there, I will happily stand corrected and link to same).  Do tell!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Same Here. I have been grinding my teeth all week wanting to see it, and the vids so far don't convey the action very well.

Mike said...

Stay tuned for a while guys. Michael Bane had his crew up there with low light / night sight gear getting video. I am sure that it will be on Shooting Gallery next season.