30 September 2012

Embarrasment of riches

Optic riches that is....

A very nice Leupold VX2 scope followed me home from GBR VII (I know, I am delinquent with a post with pics).

And as the Smallest Conservative noted, last night was our local Friends of NRA dinner  (He took more pictures than I did).  A Brunton 3.5-10x50 scope and Sightmark reflex optic both found new homes in the SandCastle armory. 

Now to figure out what to slide underneath these three optics.  I think a certain deer rifle currently fitted with a fixed 4x scope will get the Leupold upgrade, and my 10-22 will get an upgrade with the Brunton scope.

The only thing I have with a rails is the Hi-Point Carbine so the Sightmark optic will likely land there for a while.  I guess I'm a little perplexed by the sight.  It includes both a holographic sight and a laser sight.  I can see the need for one or the other but not both at the same time.  I like laser sights as an addition to iron sights, but in addition to a holo-sight?  I don't get it.  (But I'm willing to learn if anyone has a theory).  OTOH, this fits the definition of a "perfect" gift which is something I would like but never buy for myself.

Side note on Hi-Point.  They were *very* generous with nicely, dare I say extravagantly, embroidered hats to GBR VII.  They are embroidered front, back (2x), both sides and the brim.  It was my first choice at the prize table but by the end I had more than I could ever wear.  I took a handful to the NRA dinner to donate as prizes.  I brought home the donation form, but it really should go to Hi-Point!

There may be some handmedown action with the scopes currently on these rifles finding new homes on current iron sighted weapons.

An embarrasment of optic riches....
... is a good thing, particularly with my aging eyes.

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