31 March 2013

Arizona Commissioner's Cup - Sporting Clays edition

The SCSon has really taken to the scattergun.  And I really can't blame him.   Much as I admire and aspire to precision long range shooting, shooting moving targets or stationary targets while moving is a lot more fun.

The SCTP club (RSTT) ends the season with the Commissioner's Cup.  The first event was Sporting Clays.

Let's meet the team:

SandCastle Son
Unofficially all three shot something in the low 70's/100.  I carried the score sheets back to HQ and mentally added up the scores three times.  I came up with three different errors answers.  Likely not good enough to move on, but I'm proud of how far they've come in just a few months.  Official scores will likely be posted this week.
Prescott Clay Busters

Here are a couple more pics of the event:

Here is one of the opposing squad, a club out of Prescott.  He's probably the best shooter on the two squads as evidenced by his 10/10 on the first stage and four or five later stages as well.
Got The Shot

The Trap event is next Saturday, followed by Skeet at the end of April.  And he's never shot a single skeet in his life!  (Rio does not have a skeet field).

 I initially thought I'd caught the shot cloud 2' off the end of the barrel.  But if that's the shot cloud, where is the shotcup?  I suspect the blur is the shot cup.  Still, just goes to show, Shoot a lot of pics and you're bound to get a couple good ones.

Video or it didn't happen!

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