06 April 2013

Shotgun Raffle Results

The raffle for the two Winchester SX3 Sporting 12 gauge shotguns was held tonight as scheduled.

Good News and Bad News.  Good news, I sold one of the winning tickets.  Bad News, the winners have already received a call and your phone probably didn't ring (mine either, Rats!).  The winning ticket I sold was sold locally.  So sorry..  I felt the same pang with Tam's raffle.  Still happy to support a good cause .

Sorry you didn't win.  Sorry I didn't win (I even bought another ticket tonight). 
but that is the nature of raffles.  Still Thank you all for supporting RSTT and youth shooting.  RSTT is a phenomenal program and worth every penny and every moment we've invested into it.

Here is the raw video.   The lighting sucks and I'm no Oleg Volk.  The point of this vid is to document the pulling of the winning tickets and verify the integrity of the process.  They picked the youngest person on the range and blindfolded him.  He mixed the tickets in the bin before selecting one.

Now the cool part is that we will see that gun out on the range next year.  The 2nd winner is local and his daughter is interested in the program.  I fully expect to see her on the line next year!  How cool is that!

Tonight marks the end of RSTT's season.  The SCSon who as of last Fall had never shot a scattergun in his life and was extremely recoil sensitive. Tonight a few months later he shot a 19/25 and 21/25 shooting a 12 ga on the trap field.  I have no confidence I could match that.  All credit goes to the RSTT coaches. Label me the proud papa.

I especially thank the other bloggers that linked to my post.   You Guys Rock!
Give me a little time to research the links and I will update with appropriate back links.

There will be another raffle in the fall.  Stay tuned for details.

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