05 June 2013

May e-Postal results posted

The SCSon has posted the May results.  Thanks all who entered, hope you enjoyed the match.

Couple interesting points about the match...
* All entries were .22LR (excluding the left field entry).  That's probably a commentary on the availability of ammo these days.
* Most went for the 10 shot 10000 point option.  Meaning it wasn't really a 20 shot match but "what remains after 10 hits" match.    Still an interesting scoring scheme.  I applaud the out of the box thinking.

I shot a couple other targets that don't show on the score sheets, but I think they all scored 0.   I really should have sent in those targets as well.

This has been a learning experience for the SCSon (and that is why we do these things)...  The results show several class 3 entries at 25 YARDS.  I questioned the SCSon and he insisted.  As a spot check, I pulled up Billll's targets.  Sure enough his class three target reports range:  25'.  Tonight the SCSon learned a single tic is feet, a double tick is inches.  And that led of course to "This is Spinal Tap" reference.

He exclaimed "but they don't teach us this stuff in school".  Fine, NBD, that is why we are teaching you now!

He should get those fixed up tomorrow.  Also, the original postings didn't post well as the actual scores were cut off.  He had to figure out a way to keep all the info in the required screen dimensions.  It works for me now... let us know if you have problems!

Check out EJ's match for June!  The SCSon has already inquired about a weekend range trip (knowing the weekend forecast is for 106, 107F).  The range is up in the hills and covered so it's not so bad.  The name of the game is pre-hydrate and keep hydrated!

See you on the firing line!

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