28 July 2013

Range Report

The SCSon and I hit the range today.  After all, temps were only in the low 100's.

First we had the Trap field to ourselves for a couple rounds of Trap.  The rounds went quick.  I shot my semi-auto 12 ga while the SCSon wanted to shoot a 20" barrel12 ga over/under.  He probably hit 18-20.

2nd round he went to the new over-under that most of his team mates are shooting.   He went 18 straight before missing birds #19 and #23 for a 23 score.  I shot about the same, possibly a little better.  Maybe even all 25!  This was a good round for the SCSon and my best round ever!  Sure wish I had taken the camera.   As we say, video or it didn't happen.  Missing same, call it a fish story.

Then we headed up to the main range to shoot some ePostals.  In addition to the normal .22s, the SCSon wanted to try a .40 cal in his exploration of recoil therapy.   One reason it doesn't get out much because it throws the brass into the next zipcode. 

As much as I was happy with my grouping, it only counts for 1 point.  still 4-5 overlapping shots.  Need to get the flyers dialed in then we can adjust the sights.

T'was a good day with the SCSon...  Can't wait to do it again.

Addendum... I grew up racing sailboats with my dad on the San Francisco bay.  Apeus-foredeckus (fore-deck ape) was my title starting at age 12.  Capturing the outboard sheet then pushing out the spinnaker pole and snapping it into the mast fitting on a jibe was a rite of passage.  The bay is a long way from the Sonoran desert.  Still Shotguns a'la a perfect 25 Trap score may be the SCSon's rite....

I hope I am there to help shoot the hat!

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