22 January 2014

November ePostal results updated

TrueBlueSam posted of receiving a Daisy Model 25 for Christmas.

I gently reminded him the November ePostal contest is open to new entries until the opening of the next match in March. He came through today with our first 10M airgun entry. We'll dig out the air rifle here at the SandCastle and put up our own entries.

 Feel free to join us! All classes are open to new entries until the posting of the new match expected circa March 2014.

TBS also posted a review of the Daisy 25 rifle:

Did you get something new for Christmas? Mebbe you should send an entry as well!  You can find the target and course of fire here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I wonder if my 55 year old Red Ryder can still get it done. I'll have to un-bury it and find out.