11 June 2014

East Ohio DGC

Prolific DGC contributor Ed found this from East Ohio.   It's a month old, but a check back on Misfires & Light strikes found it hadn't been counted yet.  It's a month old because Ed took the time to verify the actual good guy and bad guy and that charges have not been filed against the good guy.
Coroner: Warren burglary suspect died of gunshot wound to the chest
It's sad the now dead bad guy was only 17.  But approaching a house not your own with a gun at ready is a risky bet, and I'm glad he lost this one.

Ohio has Castle Doctrine which protects an owner inside the house (2901.05 & 2901.09), but they have not yet passed Stand Your Ground.  I want say more, but that heads off into the realm of speculation, and that wouldn't be right.

For now I'm happy the good guy had his own gun when confronted by the bad guy with his gun.

Thanks Ed, keep 'em coming!

DGC: 486

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Old NFO said...

HOpefully he hadn't fathered too many kids yet...