08 July 2014

DGC Two for Tuesday edition

First we have an entry from Dayton Ohio where Isiah Haggins and an accomplice made a tragic failure of the victim selection process.   A quick web search paints a clear picture of a choir boy minding his own business and shopping for back to school clothes.

Well done props to the shopkeep.  One got away, but if he is caught, he'll face 2nd degree murder due to Ohio's version of the Felony Murder Rule.

Of course the family is up in arms.  Sorry, no regrets here.  Seems you raised a thug and the risks of his profession caught up with him at a very young age.  Hopefully his siblings will learn a different lesson and we won't have to do this again.

Second,  David Codrea / War On Guns brings the story of a home invasion gone right (from the standpoint of the homeowner).  Four armed intruders enter the house, three left in a hurry following the successful counter attack on a leader.

Well done Rick in your role as BF/defender!  you have proven yourself worthy of any mate.  I hope Chelsea see's the value too.

Let me know when you're engaged, I'll gift a box of shells.... as long as it's not .22LR!  That stuff is currently unobtainium!

DGC 488, 489

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Ed said...

Here is a direct link to the story that David Codrea carried on his War on Guns blog: