12 August 2014

SCTP nationals 2014 edition

I meant to post these awhile ago...  But better late than never.  And there will be more!

Here are my two favorite shots from Sparta:

First we have the SCSon in the box while a younger shooter from the next squad visualizes the shot:
This is actually one of a sequence of two pics where he younger's hands tracks the action of the shooter!

The pic makes much more sense when taken into context of the pic taken a few seconds earlier where SCSon's squad mate 'M' (a lefty) coaches* a younger team mate on visualization:
The picture I was hoping to catch was the three from a high angle (Coach 'M', Shooter "SCSon" and pupil 'X' all inn the same shot.  I see it clearly in my memory, but failed to capture the bits.  *sigh*  It was about a 1 second window and I got 1.5 out of 3 :-(  These are the pixels collected.  I'm just glad to have set up in position to nab what I did.

* Squad mates can coach each other but coaches (and parents?) are forbidden from coaching during a competition.  In my case it's a "don't care" as the SCSon now knows more about hitting the birds and has more experience than I do.  He coaches me when we shoot :-|  Color me humbly proud!  (But Don't get cocky kid!)

Still I love that Arizona Flag, displayed loud and proud!