20 February 2015

Doin' my Taxes

I mean,what else would I be doing on a Friday night?

Here is the outrageconfusion of the day:  I'm entering a 1099-B manually.  Here's the question posed:
Box 3 makes sense:  Was the basis reported to the IRS?  I can reasonably infer a checked box means Yes.  But what about "Box 2  Type of gain or loss".  The possible answers are "Short Term" and "Long Term".  Which one does a checked box mean?

The more I use HRBDeluxe, the more I like Glenn Reeves' spreadsheets!  They have already given me the answer.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get my data into HRBD :-(

Update 20Feb2015 2140: I had to experiment  to learn how it works.  If box 2 is not checked, it doesn't ask any further questions.  But if box 2 is checked, it takes us to another page where it asks the short/long term question.

Com'on guys.... a) you could have put these two questions on the same line of the first page and b) if not, for any reason, at least throw me a bone and give me a hint on how I should check the original box.

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