18 March 2015

Taxes Are Filed!

I believe my 2014 taxes are correct and complete so I pulled the trigger and filed same.  At least on the Federal side.

The hard part of doing my taxes is that part of the DayJob(tm) compensation is in the form of DayJob(tm) company stock.    That means tracking "basis" which is anything but trivial.   It used to be that we were on our own.   Now the brokerage reports a basis, but 's wrong!  it's wrong because it only tacks acquisition cost, but doesn't include the part of the basis has already been reported as ordinary income, and the brokerage calculation does not comprehend that.  Plus there are additional adjustments.  Heck, now that it's done, I think I should take on something easy, like mastering Chess!

What a P.I.T.A.!!!  I would argue the most useful class offered by the DayJob(tm) HR team is the class on how to report stock based compensation.    Bravo!  Ole!  I couldn't do my taxes without you!

The fed return was filed electronically for two reasons: First, I paid for it with the program purchase,  And 2nd, because THEY OWE ME MONEY!  Filing electronically gets me a quick refund.

I'll file the state on paper for two opposite reasons:  I OWE THEM MONEY!  Thus I'm going to wait until 11PM on the final filing date.  Also it costs me an extra Andrew Jackson to save the state the data entry cost of my return.   You've set up a system with a negative reward scheme.  I'm not in the business of spending money to save the state money.  What a broken system.

Don't blame me for playing the game.   If you changed the system where I filed electronically free, you wouldn't have to spend money manually inputing my return and you'd get my payment sooner.  Fix it and you'll get my money sooner!  eFile should be free!  It's a a benefit to you!

I know, I'm tilting at windmills.

PS... My Dad (LTC US Army Ret) in retirement is now a tax prep pro.  He does taxes for fun!  If you need tax help, he's your man!  Drop me an email and I'll pass along contact info.  Don't worry about his or your locality, he serves clients worldwide.  All docs are transferred encrypted and secured.

Tell him I said Hello!

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