10 May 2015

FoNRA dinner 2015

Completely skunked on the raffles this year.    The last raffle item (a gold ticket) was a ~$1500 pistol course with Rob Leatham.  My ticket is 15642.  The ticket pulled was 15641. Dang that hurts!  The night has been a story of near misses but this is the closest,   Ouch!

We picked up a silent auction La Pierre quote:

I bid on a couple other items including a .22 revolver but someone else bought it outright.  (I'm kicking myself because I should have done it first!.)  Yet again, "ya snooze, ya lose!"

I purchased an AR-15 in the live auction (The SCSon & SCqueen had already departed for an evening of paintball)..  Upon retuning home the SCQueen asked "How much did you pay?"  Me:"prolly too much!"

Stay tuned for the rest of the story in a few days. (The game is afoot!)

if there is a FoNRA dinner near you, I highly recommend it.  No matter how cold the Prime Rib (and it was), no matter how cold the coffee (and it was) the dinner & games are still a magnificent time!

Update:  The committee called to tell us we didn't pickup our entire purchase.  The sign included a brick of .22 ammo!  That alone is probably worth the price paid (And they'd have likely gotten alot more for the package if it were made clear).

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