02 February 2016

New SandCastle update

Merle asks in the comments: "Will there be room for a shooting range? :)"

Ooooh...  I could have a re-loading station and a de-loading station!  Would that be awesome or what?  Merle - I like the way you think!

Good question..  I'll have to look into it.  There is certainly room.  It would have to be underground to make absolutely sure nothing leaves the property.  Probably could do a 25 yard range..  We'd have to look into all the legalities  & environmental requirements (sound absorption, ventilation, lead capture,  safety features, etc.)

And I vaguely recall reading a story about the mayor of the town had a range in his house.  So it must be possible.. But is it possible for someone without a title of "Mr. Mayor"?

Update on the offer to buy:  We walked away.

Poking around on Zillow, I found another property that is newer, bigger both in lot size & house size, further off the beaten path and only two miles away for about the same $$$ we'd be into the property we'd offered on..  Thus we decided even what we offered was too high.  We are a long way apart.

We looked at the larger property today.  I found a lot to like, but there are some real WTFs.
  • No hand rails on the stairs
  • The pictures on Zillow & MLS showed the outside of the house as a dark blue.  If it's a blue, it's the naviest Navy Blue I've ever seen.  Pretty much black.  Who paints a house black in the desert?
  • Updated (marble) kitchen & master bath, but still had the Tract-home tub/shower. 
  • The swimming pool was 50% larger than my first house (>1800 ft^2 surface).  Too Big!
  • The patio seemed built on a 12/15" thick pad and with an odd cut out in the tile as if there was going to be an outdoor kitchen.  Why?
In the end the SandCastle Queen said "no".  We are in no hurry to move so we can wait for the right deal.  Time is on our side.  We bought this house because it's close to the $DayJob.  Will we want to remain here after retirement?  Not here, but do we even want to live in the area?  I don't know.


Billll said...

A friend of mine looked into putting in a range on his property. This involved digging a trench and setting in 4' dia corrugated culvert pipe then covering it back up. The pipe installation would have run him $10K/100 yards.

Access from the house, backstop, ventilation and target runner extra. In my mind 25-35 yards would have been sufficient and at that price I'd have written the check right there.

His wife wound up divorcing him before anything could get started and she kept the property but still, there's a baseline for pricing. Today it would probably be cheaper as the construction biz is in the dumper.

danno said...

Only $10K for 100 yard range? 'ZACTLY!!! Done deal! Where do I send the check?

How much of a target runner do I need? I don't need the computerized-motor-driven-target-track as seen at most indoor ranges. All I need is a cable loop with specific distances marked. I think I can do that for about $40 worth of hardware (cables, pulleys, springs & shields).

I concur 25-35 yards would be sufficient. Any thing at "rifle range" is going to be affected by air currents. So such a range would "get you on paper" in the real world, you'd have to transition to "the real world" to get actual correlation between point of aim and impact"

Wilson said...

Take your time, the right one will come along. Good luck!

NotClauswitz said...

What Wilson said, let the property come to you.
A rifle-range needs to be 100-yards to make sense, so check your acreage - but an outdoor pistol range just needs to be ten yards a high berm, right? Playtime with the dozer blade and back hoe!
Good luck!
And our realtor (a shooty-gunny young-person) wasn't very complimentary about Zillow's timeliness and information updates. She put us on something similar but more accurate run out of her office, a "client portal" with cost/sq.ft stuff and more... She works for ReMax.