17 April 2016

Great free advice for gun owners from an actual attorney.

"5 things every gun owner should know"...  Straight from the euphemistic "horse's" mouth.  I won't even summarize his main points.  Just watch the video.

It's pretty much the same stuff my CCW instructor stressed (Pulling the trigger is *the* last resort, it's going to cost you everything you own to save your freedom, and you can still lose).  But still that's been several years.    Block out 30 minutes and enjoy.

He even offers DVDs to instructors, free for the asking.  I am not an instructor, but I asked nicely. and they gave me one too (If I'd known the video was posted I wouldn't have even asked).  Notwithstanding, I value his advice.  If I were an instructor, I'd run the video for every CCW/self defense class.

He's an engaging speaker so it's an easy listen.

I hope I never need their services.  But then again I hope I never need to use the gun I carry either.

FTC disclaimer... save for the free DVD provided as mentioned above, I have no connection to MJV law.  I value his advice and recommended to my own family to learn from his videos.  His number is in my cellphone because bad things happen to good people.  And if a bad thing happens to me, he's the one I will call.  YMMV.  But no other compensation has been received or promised.

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