01 June 2016

SCSon @17

The SCSon had a b-day the other day..  (or not..  as personal security goes)...

He requested a trip to the range.  Hey good idea... I'll take the afternoon off and we'll enjoy a quiet day at the range.  What do you want to shoot?   "The Garand!" (apparently that was a dumb question)

We also shot a couple ePostal entries.  Dang this was a tough target!  I had a near miss on a bomber but the thin white line rules against the hit.  All my targets scored nil, but you'll see them in the results anyway.  The SCSon had a couple hits.

PS.. Congrats to Gamamiel on the free plug.  FTC disclaimer We have not received any compensation from them, save for buying a really quality and comfortable T at a fair price.  In fact buying this T is the only business we have ever conducted with them.  This T just happened to be at the top of the stack as the SCSon dressed.  And thanks for seeing what a quality T-shirt really is - inexpensive advertising!  In quantity, you made a small profit in selling me the quality T, and now you are getting a free web plug.  Small businesses take note!  Offer me a quality T shirt at a reasonable price (@cost or slightly above) and I'll buy us one each.  Never know where the pick might pop up!

PPS.  The green strap across the SCSon's back in the above pic is a bandoleer of 10x 8 round Garand clips.  For the sake of authenticity, natch.


Merle said...

If you ever get the chance take the M-1 to a rifle silhouette match - it's a real education in long range shooting.


Stretch said...

Eight Bangs and a PING!
Makes for a happy shooter.

danno said...

Merle -

You shoot AT specific targets? At 11Yds I'm shooting to MISS the base! ;-)

Good on 'ya!

I should'a brought the .44. Hindsight is 20-20 :-(


Merle said...

Yes, I did try for individual targets, which were the B-52s (I think) with but one exception. I ran out of ammo before hitting all the bombers, so I'm not sure my strategy was valid.

Well, like the old saying "aim small, miss small" but sadly it's not a sure thing!

I expected that the 44 would increase my wobble zone, as there have been a lot of times where a 44 would have made a hit, but the 38 just barely missed. So much for trying to game the system..... :(


Wilson said...

Sounds like a great day all around!

Old NFO said...

Good day! Any day shooting a Garand is a good day though... :-)