23 August 2016

TMI - Update

I survived!  Afterwards couldn't hardly open either eye.  I went home and back to bed.  The SCQueen tried to apply the prescribed antibiotic cream - yea, that's not happening now.  Got up about 4pm and continue to improve.

Thanks all for you prayers & good thoughts!


Merle said...

I know you hate the thought, but you'll be better off if you do get the cream.

Glad you came thru it OK.


NotClauswitz said...

I reflexively don't like any gunk in my eyes and would fight like a mule to kick it out, but with rest maybe it'll work. I used to swim eyes-open so maybe it's an environmental thing. Can't do that in the ocean anymore!

danno said...

Update... Both Merle & NC.. I figured out quickly while having the metal nozzle in close proximity to my eye was a non-starter, my blunt pinky finger could get through. The SCQueen objected "It's not sanitary". I countered with "a) I just washed it and b) just sanitized with an alcohol bath. and c) how many times a day do I rub my eyes without such precautions. and D) the medicine applied is an ANTIBIOTIC, as in KILL ALL GERMS!1!1!!!