07 October 2017

I didn't want one...

... until they said I shouldn't have one!

I've never shopped for a bump fire stock, but now that the public is enraged, and congress thus empowered, I feel the need to buy one.

OTOH, SaysUncle posts a couple videos showing how easy it is to do with common household items.  Particularly this one using a rubber band.  Heck the early videos demonstrated bump fire with a finger and a belt loop and I understand someone filed a shoelace with the ATF just to mock the system!

So why bother with a $40-200 slide stock when a 5 cent rubber band does the same thing?  Ban away!  But I predict any such language by congress will either a)  ban entirely innocent but otherwise useful items (like rubber bands), or b) takes a blanket approach banning innocuous legal items.  But I'm also confident they see this a feature rather than a bug :-(.

Don't get me wrong!  Full Auto Rock & Roll is hella fun.  Through the good graces of others (for whom I am eternally grateful and offer only kind words!)  have allowed a few shots via legal a) 9mm M-16, b) .45 Chicago Typewriter, and  c),for the SCSon a belt through an MG-42!.

I don't full auto for the most part because I see automatic fire as a waste.  I prefer accurate, aimed shots.  Outside a few specific situations that don't apply to me, random automatic fire seems to me is a rule 4 violation "Be sure of your target and what is beyond".  Automatic fire causes muzzle wander spoiling any accurate shots.  I understand from others with military training there are a few very specific scenarios where full auto "volume of fire" is useful.  Again, not my bailiwick.

I'm also not a "bump fire" fan because normal AR-15's are not engineered to deal with the heat dissipation requirements of full auto fire.  If you recall the old series "Tool Time" this is the same problem "Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor" didn't understand.  You can't just slap on a turbo charger for MORE POWER without dealing with the extra waste heat.  It works a little while then just goes jam-o-matic!   I trust M-4's are properly engineered for sustained full-auto fire.

So I'm tempted to acquire a bump stock, solely because they want to ban them!

OTOH, if they'd take bump stocks in return for something useful like concealed carry reciprocity (like my drivers and marriage license) and easier access to suppressors (which should be considered "good manners"), lets make a deal!


Merle said...

nothing like "forbidden fruits" is there? :)


danno said...


OTOH, I still haven't lifted a finger attempting to acquire one either. Seems as long as the 5 cent rubber band works (and I have no direct experience if it does or does not), why bother?

But hey. they can't put anything out on the internet unless it's true! Right?

$.02 and YMMV!


ASM826 said...

Full auto fire can be both controlled and accurate. If not, it would not have value on the battlefield. I participated in a full auto shoot several years ago that was 50 rounds at a target at 25 yards, standing, with the rifle of your choice. People were using primarily using M-16s and Thompson .45s. There were several of us that had all 50 rounds in the scoring rings.