11 April 2018


I only regret I don't have any BofA accounts to close... because I came to the conclusion that BofA stood for Bank of A$$holes about 45 years ago and closed all my accounts then!  And actively avoided them since.  Now they have gone political with the decision not to finance ar-15 manufacturers.

It did result in an uncomfortable moment at a summer party where the host offered a choiceof many cozy's to keep one's drinks cool.... many featuring BofA themes.   I spouted off with my 45 year opinion of the  company: BofA = "Bank of A$$holes"

Had I known our host worked there, I wouldn't have brought it up.  That's just being social... But it doesn't change my opinion of the company.   They have had no business of mine for 45 years running!  I said Alpha Mike Foxtrot before I was 10 and haven't looked back.



Merle said...

AMF; let's see - doesn't that mean "adios my friend" ? :)


Wilson said...

I don’t have an account with them either. It’s hard for me to understand why companies in business to make money would take a position, either way, on such a divisive issue. They’re going to lose money no matter what position they take, why not just keep their mouths shut. Stupid.