24 June 2019

Corrected plates

The Truck registration was due.  Normally I'd handle the renewal online.  But I wasn't happy with my plate choice.  See I'd made a mistake in ordering my Amateur Radio callsign plate as an ordinary custom  plate rather than as a specific amateur radio plate.  The difference is a bit of artwork on the plate and a change in where a portion of the $25 fee goes.  With the extra artwork, $17 of $25 goes to fund scholarships for amateur radio operators.

Of course, because bureaucracy, nothing is easy.  They first have to retire my existing callsign plate, issue me a standard and then request the new plate.  For some reason I don't understand they also had to "burn" (their word) the next standard plate.

So  for the next 4-6 weeks, I drive on a standard plate.  Then it goes up on the wall with the other expired plates (the free state of Arizona does not require expired plates to  be turned in - our collection includes plates from the late 50's courtesy of my SCS Grand Parents).

This all took a long time because it's not something they do every day.  but I had the day off so I didn't care.   "Take your time and let's get it right the first time.  I have all day."

Next stop is attempting to get a "real-ID".  Much of the documentation they want involves mail sent to the home address.  but for the last ~25 years I have made it a point to use a PO box for security reasons.  And the SCQueen set up all the utility accounts so they are in her name.  So I have little in my name tied to this address.  I  only have a marriage licence showing we are married.  I had a passport but that expired earlier this month :-(.

One down, one to go.  We'll see how it goes.

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