24 December 2019

Merry Christmas Eve...

At least that's how it's supposed to be.  Today the SCQueen decided she needed a few items to complete Christmas dinner preps..  Half an hour later the phone rings. 

It's the SCQueen: "The electronic payment systems are down.  So are the ATMs .  (question unasked: "can you bring me cash?)"

Here's the local story.

"How much are we talking about?"  "Under twenty bucks."  "Be right there!"

I'm not a fan of using "e-pay" for minor purchases.   It's just too much trouble to reconcile the bill at the end of the month IMHO.

Sidebar: Once The SCSon and I visited a local corner store to buy sodas.  Showing up at the cashier I realized I had no cash to pay the bill (less than $2).  And the cashier advised e-payment was not available.  I told him I'd be back with cash.  He was genuinely surprised when I was back within the hour to pay up!  In this case, good on the proprietor to not sweat a $2 purchase over a $.05 cost.

I've used credit in emergency situations but in general, I really want to pay for small stuff in cash.  I also don't carry lots of cash, just "lunch money"

Fortunately the SCQueen met me in the driveway and I didn't actually have to park in the Godforsaken parking lot design. As I passed off the Jackson, she said "It's getting ugly in there!"

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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