24 June 2010

car frustrations

I can't think of a way to post details without throwing a loved one under the bus. So is greatest Jeopardy tradition, I'll give the answer - You'll come up with the question.

My attempt to save 40$ on a new [REDACTED] for the primary ride has cost me $6 in [REDACTED], a $39 [REDACTED], several hours pouring over the manual and trouble shooting in the 100+ degree garage and a week driving the backup vehicle. (yet another place where "two is one and one is none")

Sometimes living the frugal life goes a little too far. For now just call me "penny wise & pound foolish"


CapitalistPig said...

I'm sure there are two possible questions for this answer, but for the sake of domestic tranquility, I shall exercise my right to remain silent.

Anonymous said...

lemme guess the cat got in the car and crashed again,,,