19 June 2010

Wedding day

No not mine... But a certain Az blogger has gone quiet for the past week is doing the deed today. update - I've received permission to spill the beans. Pop on over to Arizona Rifleman & send your best wishes to he and his new bride. May there be many little Riflekind in their future. (G'head... just hijack the comment thread on his latest post).

The daughter of the SCQueen's life long friend also tied the knot today. I begged off that one on the basis that it's Father's day weekend and I really didn't want to spend it at a wedding 2+ driving hours away.

Instead I'll be hanging out with other Arizona bloggers. However I may catch hell later. The SCQueen made the drive including getting stuck in a 7 mile traffic jam due to an overturned vehicle on the one road between here and there. Traffic reports suggested the freeway may not be open until just prior to the scheduled start. I'll bet most of the wedding attendees are also stuck.

Update: Traffic opened up earlier than expected and she made it to the church on time. Meanwhile I met a lot of other great people and re-met some that I'd met before. Look for a new Moonbattery link over on the left side under Neighborly Reads. We didn't talk much but I liked what I saw checking out the blog.

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