16 August 2010

Dang I wish I lived in CD3!

There was a TEA party down on the border yesterday... No I wasn't there but the reports look very promising.

One of the local TV News outlets carried this report from a Tucson affiliate. It includes a couple seconds of Pamela Gorman running in the hotly contested AZ CD3 (click here an look in at about 0:57 on the tape). Full disclosure: Pamela spent a couple hours with conservative AZ bloggers last month and I came away very impressed.

Watching the report struck me odd "Why is she wearing a backpack while speechifying?" (Note the wide black shoulder straps contrasting her white blouse). Then it hit me... "Nope,,, that's a shoulder holster and spotted the butt end of a magazine under her left arm.

Pamela was on the Terry Gilberg show later Sunday evening (link pending) and commented that she is a gun owner and strongly supports the 2A. She was truly concerned for her safety so close to the border. (I would be too!). Apparently she carries a .45 caliber Glock. I can hardly think of a better way to show support for the Second Amendment than by openly carrying!

Good on ya Pamela. I only wish I lived in CD3 so I could cast a vote FOR someone rather than against the other guy (which unfortunately is what I did with my CD5 vote :-(

PS.. Her YouTube isn't bad either!

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