09 August 2010

Top Shot - Penultimate Episode

Yea, I'm still watching... chalk this up to lack of options rather than the quality of the show.

I liked the format of this episode. This is the format the show should have used about since day one! Ditch the emo "Survivor" crap, lets see the skills with different weapons and scenarios. Lets see a plate rack, a Texas star... with a rifle at 200 yards! Or an recurve bow at 50. Make it a real competition!

But it's still thin on the content. Here's a hint... if you have to stick a commercial for your own show "we'll be right back after these messages" in amongst the commercials, you are running too many commercials! I translate that to "Record this show so you can blast through these 8 minutes of commercials this break and see the 35 minutes of content without wasting 25 minutes you'll never get back."

Glad to see Adam depart... Look up the "Peter Principal" and you'll see Adam staring back. OTOH, Sorry to see Kelly leave. He earned every step in the process.. IMHO going first cost him the event. Everyone ('cept Adam AKA "loser" ) hit every target on the first shot. That's an undercall on the course. The targets were too big or the distances too short. It's akin to a math test that starts out 2+2=?, 2+3=? 2+4=? etc. Only the most moronic would fail. Anyway you slice it, the course was too easy to separate the competitors. Kelly lost 'cuz he went first and wasted time loading unneeded rounds into the first couple magazines.


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Kevin said...

I watch it on Hulu. Longest commercial break, 90 seconds. Most run only 30. I can't stay up 'till 11:00PM on Sunday anyway.

But yes, this latest episode was quite good, and the finale looks to be as well.