03 November 2010

SCSon's LEGO(r) mission

A few posts back I mentioned the SCSon created the program to complete a FIRST LEGO league mission in about 90 minutes.

Here are the details.  The mission has two parts.  First to insert a "bone bridge", into the bone.  The bone bridge is the white/gray piece at the bottom of the pic and it has to be placed into the slot on the just above it.

Second part requires bumping the opposite end of the bone to kick the ball into a goal (not shown).

Here's how it looks with the SCSon at the controls:  Note the robot guides against the south wall to ensure it's correctly positioned to set the bone bridge.

Heh.. we may need to dial back the kicking force as it broke the bone bridge and left the ankle disassociated with the leg.  That would be a bad thing (though the rules say if the ball scores, so does the bone bridge!)

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