25 November 2010


I want one... a light sub 3 pounds, all the peripherals my 5+ YO laptop doesn't have (Wi-Fi. bluetooth, camera) and enough battery life to not even sweat the usage.

I've been waiting for prices to hit my $250 trigger point and they are finally getting there.  Unfortunately it appears they are reaching that point by cheaping out on the battery.  The new low priced units only offer "3 cell batteries, with up to 4 hours battery life.

 Caveat Emptor, baby!  Read those specs carefully!

Yuk... I'm not buying those either.

PS... Samsclub had an HP that looked good for $228.  But I couldn't find in the ad when the sale started.  I figured it was probably 5 am but in what timezone?  No matter, apparently the sale has started and they are already sold out online.  And there is NFW I'm getting up at OMG-dark-thirty to try for one at the local store.  I'd rather pay the extra $50.

Update: The SandCastle Queen is nothing if not relentless.  While we missed out on the SamsClub HP deal, a little bird tells me she found an even better deal in today's Fry's ad.  A Toshiba with the 6 cell battery for $199!  And our local store still had two in stock.  She beat feet up the road and caught one of them.  Looks like there will be a netbook under the SandCastle Tree!  Woot!

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