14 January 2011

heh heh heh... (evil laugh)

I just had a brainstorm... Assuming Mr. C allows me an ePostal match in the coming year... heh heh heh!!!

Three clues:
....  part one: scavenger hunt (one item)
....  Part two: Some assembly required!
....  part tre: Reactive targets! (heh heh heh!)

oh please oh please let me have a slot.... this should be fun!

Stay tuned!


CapitalistPig said...

Would this include travel North?

Billll said...

The one-shot special match:
1. find a golf ball (scavenger hunt), and place on ground at 25 feet from firing line.
2. Mount dartboard target in empty picture frame and set up 3 feet behind golf ball (some assembly required).
3. Shoot golf ball with 1 round, bouncing the ball through the dartboard target (reactive target). High score wins, double and triple rings are in effect.

What do I win for letting the cat out of the bag?

danno said...

CP - No. No trip up North will be required. The targets won't be that reactive.

Billll - LOL.. But no, it that's not it.. But it would be fun. Alas, I don't think they'd let me shoot it at my range. Also, golf balls are too expensive to shoot!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that not all ranges allow reactive targets. Around here it is paper only, so ....


danno said...

Fear not Merle!

The "reactive" targets are non-explosive and biodegradable. While there is a good chance my own range will not allow them, I will shoot at them in my garage without fear of risk. There will be a straight paper option. The reactive targets are there to make it interesting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting is good - usually!!!