29 January 2011

Movie Blogging...HopScotch

I'm a MovieBlogging virgin but what a flick to start off with. TCM tonight drug me in with "The Odessa File". I recall the book on the camper bookshelf.  The title sounded ominous and I probably read a few pages but don't recall reading the whole thing. I tuned in tonight thinking it was a different story.   [standby while I recall the other title].  Gotta love TCM for no commercials and leaving the flick intact, four letter words and all.

Following that TCM ran "HopScotch" unedited and without commercials.

Starring: Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson, Sam Waterston, Ned Beatty.

Holeecow, this alone was worth the cable bill for the month!   If you look in the dictionary under "intelligent comedy", "Hopscotch" willshould be listed!

Of course I cannot endorse the movie gunnie-fu in any shape or form.  (is Danny Glover a WM protoge?)   Throughout the flick WM presents as a nonviolent gunhater.  He even congratulates a former colleague for carrying his gun unloaded, after WM uses said unloaded gun to subdue said former colleague!  (see above -- former colleague knew of protagonist's aversion to guns and also knew his gun that protagonist that now had his gun is also unloaded but put up no resistance).

Ok, it plays the CIA as bumbling fools and Walther Matthau as the uber-agent running (and flying circles) around the agency[I doubt the portrayal remotely resembles reality].  But the flick portrays it masterfully!!

The flick is copyright 1980 so you probably won't find this in your local redbox, nor will you find it on BluRay 3D, but if you've got a couple braincells to rub together it's worth tracking down in whatever OldTech format you can find.  The story is worth the ride.

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