06 February 2011

Winter ePostals...

Merle "Most Prolific" passes along a couple ePostal matches currently underway.

First a rifle match from the Surplus Rifle Forum featuring MilSurp rifles. Funny how that works out.

Also the Ruger Forum has a pistol match running. The match attempts to simulate the life and death charging animal scenario. So the intent is to get your heart rate up and empty your magnum into the "charging animal" (simulated by a standard paper plate). This match exposes a glaring empty spot in the safe. The Magnum Revolver!

Note to self.. research and acquire a magnum caliber revolver. Something in .357 or .44 would suffice nicely. As I've not yet begun the research project, feel free to nominate your favorite in the comments.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

For a .357 you can't beat a Blackhawk with a 4 5/8" barrel. It's a great, easy to carry pistol, and can be loaded to suit. My current favorite is 180 gr. XTP's with a healthy dose of Blue Dot behind them. I have named it Thumper. A 5 1/2" Super Blackhawk Stainless is the perfect .44 for me. I like 200 gr. XTP's with 10 gr. of Herco, (sub-magnum, but extra-Special). Plenty of power for short range work, and easy recoil for any shooter to handle.

Ccbcc said...

Hey go for the 357!!! it killes combines in 1 shot....ok i guess i play to much HL2...FAIL.