10 April 2011


... in three shots.

Not me, the SandCastle Son.   Let me explain.

The SCSon came out to Thursday Night Steel and really wanted to shoot.  The club has no minimum age, but merely must know and understand the rules.  Also demonstrate proficiency with the weapon.  We also did not have all the necessary equipment.  Specifically he didn't have a belt.

He also struggles with racking the slide on the Hi-Power.  He wanted to show me he's ready and I wanted to see if he's ready.  But first I wanted to get some Chrono data on my BAG day purchase* and had the Chronograph set out.  Once that was done he wanted to get some practice changing magazines from slide lock.  So the drill was a simple shoot one, reload, shoot one.

I reminded him several times "Don't shoot my chronograph".  "Don't worry Dad, I got this".  You can see where this is headed.  Third shot destroyed the front sunshade.  I declared a DQ, we packed up and went home.  This is the penalty for breaking the rules. 

* BAG day came a little early... details on April 15th.

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